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YAY! Bannetons for my birthday! How much dough

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YAY! Bannetons for my birthday! How much dough

will fit in an 8.5" round brotform?



      I made the warm spot white levain bread from FWSY and divided it unequally (to err on the side of caution). I put @770g of dough in one basket and proofed the other (larger) portion in my usual linen lined colander. It looked to me like the 770g was about the limit, since after the final proof, the dough was pretty much up to the top. But other folks here have more experience than I, so...what's the upper limit to the dough?


 I was so happy to see those flour rings on my bread!

Cheers and happy baking,


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Hi Cher....I have a round banetton here that's looking similar to yours with the diameter of 8 inch/ 20 cm. During my last bake (please feel free to check out my latest blog : No Risk, No Bread), though accidental as the dough proved in the fridge almost double of it size overnight. My final dough weighed slighty more than 800gm at that time. So I think that's the maximum allowance for an 8 inch banetton. Hope this helps! Happy Baking. 

p/s: Yes, flour rings are a sight to behold, just as nice as the cracking noise of the crust :) 





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I have some 8" brotformen. I use them for 500g loaves usually, but they could easily take up to 700g. I bet a 8.5" one could take a 1kg loaf.


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I will try pushing the envelope on the bannetton. Hey, look what else I made this week....

Look familiar? It's your SJSD batards. They are already gone - so delicious! I'm still working on my batard shaping and transferring from couch to oven is a crazy adventure...but I was pleased with the way this one came out. (The other one - not so much. It slipped a little while transferring and glommed onto the other loaf - oh well, still tasted amazing)

I have one question - when I looked at the fermenting dough at 7AM it had completely filled up my container, right up to the lid. That was after 19+ hours of retardation - 

Yikes! So I took it out and proceeded. Of course everything turned out well, but I'm wondering if this irrational exuberance of the dough is your experience too? The top of the tape is where it was at 11:30AM the day b4, at the beginning of the bulk rise. I followed your method exactly...except that I read further down the thread that you now use only 100g of leaven, instead of 150. Is that a good thing to do in the summer when ambient temps start to climb?  

Anyway, thanks for the great formula. My family and I enjoy it in a myriad of ways!



Cheers and happy baking - 


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I can't see if you say the dimensions of your banneton are internal or external - It makes a difference.

Here's a link to a uk site which should give you some ideas on sizes and weights of dough recommended to put in them - Of course it is also partly dependent on what kind of doughs/ingredients you use in them, eg. Rye dough will generally speaking not rise as much as white wheat dough. You will pretty soon work out the tolerances for yourself and then make them fit the size of loaf you wish to bake.

Happy baking,



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so much Brian. I'll check it out.