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Experiment Pizza Sauce Bread With A Hint of Basil

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Experiment Pizza Sauce Bread With A Hint of Basil

Had let over pizza sauce that I didn't want to waste, so thought I would experiment and make bread with it.  Half was pizza sauce and half was water, but did have to add more.  Didn't think we would like it but we did, and it tastes great.  Just a hint of pizza flavor and basil flavor.  Toasts up great.  Would do this again, with left over sauce.  The sauce I use was not a cooked sauce.

The lighting in the picture isn't quite right.  The bread had a faint tinge of red.

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

and very tasty it was. Why not pizza sauce? Looks really delicious. Enjoy experimenting.

all you need to do is toast it up with a bit of cheese.

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As long as you stay our of the auto parts store, the bread will probably like it.  looks good and toasted with some melted cheese and pepperoni on top... it might pass for a  fantastic pizza bruschetta!  Well done and 

Happy baking 

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Thank you for you kind comments!  I hate wasting food and I wanted to use the pizza sauce and not let it go to waste.  When I'm in the mood again will try other experiments.

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Looks great.  Beautiful crumb.