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Sourdough Sandwich Bread

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Sourdough Sandwich Bread

My first attempt at a sourdough sandwich bread. I used the recipe I found on Wild Yeast Blog: Soft Sandwich Sourdough. Not bad for my first try with this recipe. Tastes really good!

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Edo Bread

Looks like a perfect sandwich bread! Well done!

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We used it for BLTs for dinner. Everyone loved it.  Sandwich bread using a sourdough starter certainly has a lot more flavor than plain white sandwich bread.

It was a bit of an all day project. Between the fact that sourdough rises a bit slow and it was a rather cool day, it took longer than I expected... though I guess it pretty well followed the timeline in the recipe. I followed the recipe exactly. Not sure what the benefit is cooking the pans on a stone and whether it was really necessary to take the bread out to bake out of the pan after 25 minutes.

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especially for your first attempt with this recipe. Be proud of yourself.

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I would suspect that you were advised to put the pan on the baking stone because you would then be asked to turn it out onto the stone for the rest of the cooking time. It may have helped give a darker crust on the underside while still retaining the tin shape.

Sourdoughs can tend to spread or relax a little so this would be a fair compromise. 

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I like to finish the bread out of the tin or DO on the stone.  The color adn the taste of the criut is much better that way.  Well done and happuy baking.


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Sourdough contains flavor enhancers that have been studied at great length in the food industry.

BLTs are especially good as are toasted cheese sandwiches and croutons for Caesar Salads. One problem is that most people will, after tasting sandwiches made with sourdough bread, tend to become extremely taste biased - this can be likened as a form of entrapment for those who commit the original sin of offering it up...,