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Cersei's golden mound

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Cersei's golden mound

We had a Game of Thrones party over the weekend, so I geeked out with a theme bread. Semolinas are fun to work with, and I figured anything yellow/gold in color could be called a Lannister bread of some sort. It was about half semolina flour. This was flavored with nutritional yeast powder, garlic powder, white truffle salt, and some chopped green olives from a jar. I also sprinkled in some smoked paprika during the stretch and folds hoping it would show up as red specks in the finished bread to evoke the crimson color the Lannisters like. The point was to create a golden, earthy and flavorful bread and give the guests a laugh with the name and something to eat with the cheeses and dips. Looking at the pics again, I'm thinking there may have been a little finely chopped pepperoni in the mix as well; otherwise the red specks must be pimentos from the olives. Sorry I can't remember exactly. It was a busy and fun weekend.

The mix started with 2.5 cups of flour (half semolina/half organic all purpose) to 1 cup water. It autolysed for about 7 hours before the flavorings, olives, and starter were added. I like to use lots of starter, and this got about a half a cup. After 3 or 4 hours of stretch and folds it went into the refrigerator overnight. The next morning I did another stretch and fold or two before forming into a boule to proof in the banneton.

The dough always comes together nicely with some semolina, but as I did stretch and folds it continued to succumb to gravity and lose its shape. I think it got something like 6 stretch and folds if you count one or two right before setting it in a banneton to proof the next day. Perhaps the nutritional yeast powder was interfering with the gluten network. The final boule proofed up nicely in the banneton and scored easily with my trusty Havalon. Baked in a cast iron dutch oven combo preheated to 455. Twenty minutes with the lid on, and then I lowered the temperature gradually down to 350 to finish baking so that the golden color wouldn't get too brown. I forgot to take a crumb photo, but it was very even and chewy. This bread went fast.

Cersei's golden


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Love it.  The only thing missing is a Lion Crest on top :).

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and had to look it up.  Turns out it is on HBO and why I haven't heard of it sine we don't get any movie channels,  The out side look like durum for sure.  What does the inside look like?

Happy baking