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5 days workshop at SFBI

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5 days workshop at SFBI

Having heard so much about SFBI, I finally went there for a 5 days sourdough workshop.

Its located up a tiny mountain which offers stunning view to town

Here comes the door front, which got me very excited as this is the door that get me started on my sourdough journey.

During the five day i got my hands on their professional equipment, their steam oven, miller, mixer Which completely blew me away! Working on a dough that I can barely lift, Instructor was very helpful on correcting my shaping and scoring technique. I dun believe any word can describe this experience in full.

This is their professional oven, which i dun come across very often in my country.

The overview on our lab and their production line, see that super big mermaid. OMG!! it is so gorgeous.

Also we got to try sonoma (not sure if I got that correctly) 100% and a 60% levaiN. One of my classmate also brought in some ash flour to make pizza and shared his recipe on a fantastic pizza sauce. 

Most import things of all, is I can land my hand on a properly fermented dough at the right consistency. Now I know why my bread Crumb ain't consistent at all. also always using volume as bulk fermentation proxy isn't always accurate. Giving me the chance to figure out what went wrong with my bread.

some nicely shaped dough

we got lots of chances to raise question and all the people there are very helpful even their workers interns would answer all ur questions without hesitation.

 Here comes the bread that i baked

Some of the work from my group.

During that time, we get to try one feeding sour, two feeding sour and 70% sourdough with the difference of retarding dough with the same formula. We explored the difference it makes on our bread (the feels on the dough, its impact on its gluten development and the final taste). Also we also tried sour rye which is very very tasty, 100% wholewheat @ 100% hydration and durum with sesame. Then you can turly compare side by side with all these variety, whereas at home i dun think we can bake so many different bread in one go. ^^

if u love baking u will definitely love the experience they offer. Photos will be up soon!

btw if your goal is to loose weight stay away from the school. They stuff that they bake off is awfully good and irresistible.

here comes with our guilt.

Highly recommend their croissant. The best i ever had.


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wonderful experience CeciC.  Can't wait to see the photos.

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This experience is truly amazing!!! check out my pic you will definitely love to go there.

They have a wholegrain class which i wanna to check out next year. see if you are interested

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I took that workshop a few years ago. Your report brings back the excitement I experienced. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.

Who was your instructor?


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Mac was my instructor, he is very cool!!

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very nice of you to write about your experience at SFBI. I'm looking forward to those particular classes myself.

Thanks for sharing, and awaiting your photos!


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Starting working out khalid!!!

im serious about putting on weight!! pastry 3 times a day at this quality is non-resistible!

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Just beautiful baking all the way around = very impresssoinve CeciC.  I would be willing to put on 10 pounds in a week too!

Happy Baking. 

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On my third day there, i am glad that its gonna be over in 2 days (as i dun wanna go back to size 16). At the same time i super sad and wanna look for an internship there just to stay and learn. Very mixed feeling.