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One Day in Paris -- Bakery recommendations?

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One Day in Paris -- Bakery recommendations?

Hi all --I'm headed to Paris for work tonight, very last minute, and after finishing some business, should have a free day (or half day) to explore Paris a bit.  It's been almost a decade since I've last visited, and I'd love to make a few stops at a few of the beautiful bakeries in town.  A bit out of the blue, I know, but are there any recommendations from this crew I could bring with me? Anis Bouabsa's bakery, Duc de la Chapelle, made my list from a few posts I read on this site a while back...

Thanks so much!


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you won't regret visiting Pierre Herme. Wonderful pastries, especially macaroons!  Bon voyage. 


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central (8 Rue du Cherche-Midi) and close to the mind-blowing Pierre Herme on Rue Bonaparte. Patisserie des Reves is also nearby. It's worth checking out the archive of the wonderful Farine blog by MC ( It has lots of great write-ups of Parisian bakeries that might interest other bakers.

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I'll be there on Friday!  Am staying in the 6th so Poilane and Kayser are a must as well Herme.


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of the best baguette in Paris - a two time winner by the way - can't go wrong there

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There's a bakery section and things are broken down by the districts and this should help you to find local artisan's.  I second the farine-mc site.  Her interviews are #1 in my book!




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..anything you saw of interest.