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Rye Sourdough (PiP's 40%)

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Rye Sourdough (PiP's 40%)

Needed a change from my regular bread, so made a sourdough rye this time.  Followed PiP's 40% rye process from his blog post, with a few modifications to the bulk/final fermentation schedule to suit my timing.  Turned out nice....would have liked a bit more loft to the loaf, but I think I rushed the final fermentation a bit....

Some additional photos:

Bake on!


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Looks darn perfect to me. A gorgeous bake, Rich, thanks for sharing!


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Lovely bake, Rich! you should be proud.


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The cuts have opened, there's no tearing or blowouts, and the crumb is well aerated.  I don't see how you could have done better on the final fermentation.  A 40% rye won't have as much loft as an all-wheat bread, so I'd say you've done very well indeed. 

Would tighter shaping have produced a more upright, narrower loaf?  Maybe.  Would deeper, more identical slashes have helped, too?  Maybe, but we're really picking nits, now.  

Great bake!


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Kathy/Khalid/Paul, thanks for the nice compliments.

Paul, I appreciate your observations about how I didn't rush things! :)  I'll have to bake quite a bit more rye to get better at shaping.  It's a very different dough to deal with, for sure! :)

I'm pleased at the resulting aesthetics, and the taste is fantastic!  Now, if I only had some pastrami! :)


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even Phil would be proud of  Well done and

Happy baking 

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db, thanks for the nice words.  I think I will just up the weight of the loaf next time....I halved Phil's original recipe, so I was around 900g, maybe 1kg or so would be the perfect size for me.

House smoked salmon on rye for lunch! :)


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Beautiful bread :)