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Seeded Fougasse with Olives

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Edo Bread

Seeded Fougasse with Olives

Finding myself with starter that needed to be used and not enough hours to create a loaf that I would be happy with, I decided to take a  different route. Using both wheat and rye starters I threw together a fougasse that disappeared almost a little too quickly


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Edo Bread:  I have always wanted to make one of these.  I have seen several recipes, including Paul Hollywood's.  Can you describe your method and dough?  Love the seeds and olives.  It most of been delicious.  Congratulations.  Phyllis

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Edo Bread

Phyllis, thanks for the comments. This was a bit improvised, but I can give you a basic idea. I wanted to use a lot of my starter so that was the basis.

  • wheat starter     225g
  • rye starter          225g
  • flour                   115g
  • water                 30g
  • salt                     7g
  • olive oil             till is seemed right

I mixed the starter, flour and water and let autolyse for about an hour. I then mixed in the salt, olives and some olive oil, a touch more water until the dough felt "right".  I french-fold-kneaded for a bit until it was feeling nice and elastic.

I let this sit for about 4 hours at room temp. Put on the bench and made a boule, flattened and bench knifed the cuts - sprinkled with chia and sesame seed.

I used my "pizza setup" for baking. I have 2 stones and put one on the very top rack ane the other on the middle, this gives nice heat from both directions. Preheated to 550 for about an hour. After a minute in the oven lowered the heat to about 480. Pulled it out when it looked done.

Sorry this method is so loose. I often do things in a very controlled precise way, but sometimes I think it is good to just feel your way through the dough and the process.



.....caro Ed non devi fare altro che spedirmene una tutta per me in Toscana, dal momento che il profumo di questa tua Fougasse è arrivato fino a qui....ahahahahah!!!

Un grande abbraccio.


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Edo Bread

Cara Anna, ti ringrazio per le gentili parole. Sarei felice di avere di assaggiare i miei Fougasse! Ma io non sono sicuro che avrebbe fatto il viaggio in Toscana. Forse un giorno posso fare il viaggio e abbiamo cuocere il pane. Grazie per l'incoraggiamento.