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Peter Reinhart's Basic sourdough loaf

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Peter Reinhart's Basic sourdough loaf

This is Reinhart's basic sourdough bread, with one cup of substituted ww flour.  I did the experiment that many of you have already tried on this site, which is put one under a pyrex bowl for the first 10-12 minutes.  The other is just baked on a stone with a steam pan and a nice spray of water in the beginning. (BTW, I was very careful with the bowl and have read several posts here and on other sites about the new pyrex.  I am not recommending this for anyone else, but I am willing to take a chance with many precautions in place.  I plan on trying the flower pot version later, but it is nice to be able to see what's going on.)

As you can see, the one on the left (under the bowl), is much richer in color and got a better oven spring, but the taste is pretty close.  I still have to work on my crumb, but I am taking it one step at a time.  I have some dough rising now that is a little wetter, and I am hoping it will have more air pockets.  Also, I am having trouble with my windowpane test (could be the ww flour).

Anyway, just thought I would share the pics.

This one is of some homemade pimento cheese (my grandfather's recipe) on the sourdough.  Very good.