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Flour type 60!

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Bread and Salt

Flour type 60!

I recently bought 25kg of whole wheat flour and 25kg of white flour type 60. I never heard of such type, usually 65 for high gluten. This type 60 has 14% protein, but I tried it on a mastered recipe for rutic bread that usually yields to a nice crusty loaf easy to manage all the way using 70% white 30% whole grain. Only this time I noticed the dough a bit more sticky and not firm at all even after stretch & folds. After the bulk fermentation the dough has arisen nicely, only to flaten right when I emptied it to my working surface, still optimistic I managed to form a ball and place in my banetton and after less than 45min it looked ready, but as I put it on the peel it felt very damp and fragile, scoring it was pretty hard since it was like neylon. The end result was a normal loaf but lacks volume.

I need to know if that kind of flour is good or not. If it is, I can deal with its inconvenience, noting that the mill said it doesn't contain any chemicals or improvers while on the sack it reads enzymes.

Any thoughts?