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No-Knead Sriracha Bread (Diablo Bread)

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No-Knead Sriracha Bread (Diablo Bread)

This is my first blog post on The Fresh Loaf.  Hopefully this bread will interest some of you.

I call this bread Diablo Bread, The Bread of the Devil.  The Sriracha hot sauce in the recipe is amped up by copious amounts of crushed red pepper flakes.  The orange-red color of the baked result is a warning that this is not a bread to be messed with.

This bread goes great with pretty much everything.  It is a match made in heaven with chili.  Or pop it into the toaster oven with some sliced cheddar on top.  Me?  I often eat it plain without even butter or jam.  I just close my eyes and savor every bite.  If you are thinking there is something that this bread won't go with, you are wrong.

This bread is a favorite of mine, and not just because I invented it.  The Sriracha and crushed red pepper flakes are great in combination but are not overwhelming - the bread naturally moderates the heat and you are left with some pretty fantastic flavor that can stand up well with anything you dare pair it up against.  Over Christmas I was making panini sandwiches with this bread, some thinly sliced turkey breast, mozzarella cheese, and dill pickle.  It was ridiculously good.


400 grams unbleached all purpose flour
7 grams table salt
⅜ teaspoon instant dry yeast
1 ½ tablespoons crushed red pepper flakes (Yes.  That is a lot.  Not a typo)
260 grams cool water (55 - 65 °F)
60 grams (4 tablespoons) Sriracha sauce (Don't wimp out!  Not a drop less!)
Wheat bran for dusting


This bread is made according to essentially the Jim Lahey No Knead Bread method with my final rise going to around two hours instead of the 60 - 90 minutes he uses. The detailed step-by-step process I use for this bread is on my Mad Scientist Labs blog in excruciating detail.  Much of the text in this entry is also ripped off from that post :-)

After all of the ingredients are mixed, you get a dough with this amazing color.


I bake in a Lodge LCC3 combo cooker with the bread on parchment paper (see the blog post for my technique).  I bake at 475°F for 30 minutes covered with a small ice cube thrown in just before the cover goes on.  I then take the lid uncovered and bake it for another five or ten minutes until I get something like this...


Please give this bread a try and let me know what you think, either as a comment here or where I originally blogged about it.


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Brownman would want to pump up even more with a habanero or 3:-)  Well done and happy baking 

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When I worked at Brother Juniper's Bakery they used to have a Cajun Three Pepper that packed a bit of a punch too.  It made some great sandwiches, as I'm sure this would too.

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... one of my favorite foods/condiments.


Interesting concept for a bread, I may have to give it a try.


Any concerns that the OC oils inhibit the action of the SD culture?




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I haven't tried this bread substituting a sourdough culture for the instant yeast, but I do know that I need more than the usual amount of yeast called up in No Knead recipes (3/8 tsp vs. 1/4 tsp).  If I were to give it a try, I'd probably bump up the amount of starter equivalent to be on the safe side the first time around.

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That looks and sounds delicious. Bookmarked for a day I'm feeling bold!

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Let me know how it works out for you.  What I like about this bread is it isn't trying to just blow your head off with pure heat.  The base flavor in Sriracha is really nice, and the red chili pepper flakes seem to compliment it nicely.  If too hot or not hot enough, it would be easy to tweak either ingredient for a second try.

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a_warming_trend, I guess. 

Great-looking bread. I will definitely be trying an SD version at some point. 

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Thanks for this post. I made a Sourdough version this afternoon and it turned out great. My go to SD loaf is one Susan posted:

I increased the firm starter to 70g, lowered the water to 290g, added 3T Siracha and 1T crushed red pepper. It isn't as bright orange as yours (maybe the white whole wheat?) but the flavor is SOooo good! I will be making this again next week.  Wish I could post a photo for you but I can't get it to work with my iPad. (?)

You sure came up with a keeper. Good job.

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Glad you enjoyed it!  I see you scaled the Sriracha and pepper flakes roughly to the amount of flour in that recipe.  The difference in color might just be due to lighting and the camera more than anything.

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So I've been working on my breadmaking skills for years - kneading, stretch and fold, sourdough, tartine,etc etc.  One day, my husband gets it into his head that he wants to try too, and for some reason, he's after me to find "diablo bread" on the internet.  I don't know where he heard of this, but this was the first loaf he HAD to make.  To make a long story short, his first loaf was gorgeous - and I was glad I was unable to talk him out of reducing the pepper flakes - as good as any I've ever made.  I'd be mad, except this bread is soooo worth it!  This is his weekly treat now - I just bought a huge bag of pepper flakes - and we LOVE this bread.

Well, I'm still kinda mad, though....

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What a great story, spsq! Thanks for sharing.

This loaf never seems to fail.  I posted it to Breadit and got some nice feedback as well.

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T. Fargo

  Unholy-mole!  I have to say your recipe, while evil, is divine at the same time!  Only thing missing is friggin' laser beams on our firiggin' heads!  I love your writing style DeKay - it is similar to mine (Muah-ha-ha haaaa).  This boule would make a great vessel for Buffalo wing dip, especially if it had a sourdough component like mentioned in the comments above - Un-holy cow! Can you imagine!  Great job!

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Glad you found inspiration in my bread for your bagels.  I'm definitely putting those on my bake list.  I'm liking the idea of those crushed red pepper flakes as a topping.

BTW, if you like heat, I recommend making your own kimchi as well.  Goes great with eggs, sandwiches, egg sandwiches... you get the idea.  I make the version linked below - simple and very tasty.