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A Wedding Gift

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A Wedding Gift

 I have taken a few days off from the steam oven of Tampa to celebrate my best friend's wedding in the Adirondacks of upstate NY (it's going to be a more casual outdoor event with lots of great food).  Knowing I have some time to produce a formal wedding gift (don't they say up to six months? Any wedding etiquette folks out there?), I thought I'd bring something from the heart for tomorrow.  How about a Potato, Rosemary, Roasted Garlic bread, BBA style?  Great idea I thought. 

 First, I got to bake with my mom which was wonderfull..she's always asking about my baking but never gets to taste the results, plus I think the ingredients are perfect for a wedding:  Potato..the essense of simple, hearty, earthy goodness.  Rosemary..long used in wedding bouquets, used as incense and symbolic of friendship and remembrance, and for passionate people.  What do you think?

The aroma of rosemary has now scented the house, a perfect complement to the changing season outside. 

SD Baker

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Mini Oven

And very appropriate.
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