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Miche Pointe-a-Calliere

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Miche Pointe-a-Calliere

The bread of the month on Instagram's #igbreadclub is the Hamelman miche, so I gave it a shot. Overall, I think it turned out ok. I didn't have any fancy T85 flour on hand, so I used a blend of 85% KA WW and 15% KA AP. The crumb was a bit tight, which I attribute to the heavy use of WW flour (and the fact that I'm still kind of new to the bread game). I also built my levain off a liquid starter rather than a firm starter, mostly because of laziness. Either way, I ended up with a firm starter the next day. I'm not sure whether that affected how I should have looked at fermentation times.

I gave this one a pretty bold bake, with steam for 15 minutes, without steam for an additional 60 minutes with the oven cracked for the last five. I left the loaf in the oven with the door cracked after it'd been turned off for another 10 minutes. I let it sit for around 15 hours before had some at breakfast this morning. It went well with a double cream brie and blackberry preserves. The taste was pretty nice. I'm looking forward to seeing how the taste evolves on my sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

This one was a lot of fun. I think that my next try will be at Reinhart's pain Poilaine from BBA.