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Pullman pan wear and tear

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Pullman pan wear and tear

I bought two Pullman pans within the last year. Both are showing signs of wear and tear that concern me. I've not abused these pans in any way. Here are two images of the pans. Can this be regarded as 'normal'?

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I don't yet own any of these pans.

The USA Pan website says that these pans are aluminized steel

for even heat distribution, then coated (check their website)

I think what you're seeing is just some oxidation and it should not

interfere with the pans performance.

I have some non-aluminum cookie sheets that went way past what you have there, and I still use them.

I do know that salt, eggs and sometimes baking powder will affect the surface of some bakeware, but not hinder its performance.


Their website says not to put them in the dishwasher.

They have a contact number on their website.