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No plan loaf

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Edo Bread

No plan loaf

I was planning on a bake free day. But early in the morning I was asked if I could come up with loaf of bread.

I knew I had about 250 grams of whole wheat flour so that was my starting point. I let the whole thing ferment most of the day and just about time to bake and I was called away. So I threw it in the fridge overnight. Next day I wasn't around to pull it out when I had hoped, but pulled it out late turned it into a loaf and baked. It worked.

71% hydration

Rye Starter100
bread flour400


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Looks like a Buckyball. How did you shape it?

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top of your head bead.  Well done and happy baking

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Edo Bread

Yup it is a crazy one. The dough was still pretty cold, so I did a round braid, thought the extra surface area might pay off. Worked really. Never would have guessed.

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Looks so good! I love challenges like this. We can't always tell people when they need bread. Sometimes they have to request it!

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Edo Bread:  Love the braid and seeds. I have been thinking about incorporating seeds on the outside (I've just made a couple of multi-grain with about 8 grains, but all incorporated in the dough), so you have me plotting and planning my next bread.  It is so much fun to experiment; congratulations on your success.  Best, Phyllis


Quanto mi piace questo pane......

Chissà come era la fetta, e che gusto con i semi tostati all'esterno. Quando non sai a chi regalarlo tieni presente che in Toscana c'è una persona che apprezzerebbe tanto.

Buona cottura e buona passione.


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Edo Bread

Dear Anna,

Grazie per le gentili parole. Come sarebbe bello condividere il nostro pane. Posso immaginare la cottura molti pani di condividere e godere.