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Why TFL is the best

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Why TFL is the best

I would like to thank everyone here on TFL, thank you. Everyone supports everybody else and always lends a hand or gives advice freely and without criticism. Earlier this week I joined another forum looking to perfect my cake baking. And the senior contributors that rule that roost are not very nice. I feel my journey to making the perfect cake is worthwhile information for anyone wanting to figure out what went wrong with their own cake baking experience. So, I will continue and keep posting there until my journey is complete and then move on.Here is a screen shot of what I mean and why TFL is the best on the web. It is not just one thing that makes TFL great, it is Floyd and all the members doing there small part to collectively make it great.


In case you have trouble reading all of that the thing to focus on is  "Perhaps you should stick to YEASTED LEAN BREAD BAKING rather than cake/cookie baking."

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Thanks, Manna.  

I know many board highlight the long-time members and call attention to the number of posts they've made. I consciously chose not to do that because it does seem to lead to ... well, a bit of brusqueness and folks comporting themselves differently based on where they and the others they are interacting with fall in that hierarchy.  I don't like that.  If one sticks around here long enough one gets to know who the long-time members are, but good ideas, helpful responses, and great posts can just as well come from folks who've just joined the site as they can from us old timers. Let the quality of the response stand on its own, I say.

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Ingrid G

Often I've seen that people 'lurked' in the background before they posted, either asking valid questions or giving great advice or showing us what they achieved.

I love this site as a fairly new bread baker (only started about 10 months ago); it has helped me to where I am today.

I appreciate the daily updates; so much to learn, so much to enjoy.

Thank you!


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This is a warm and welcoming community, even to true neophytes like myself. Constructive criticism is important...but I'm thankful to have a place to ask questions and share results without fear of ridicule!

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Let them eat cake!  Manna, you are always welcome on this site and I'm sure you will perfect your cake baking soon enough and be done with those pompous fools :).

My wife is very good at cake baking...feel free to send me a PM and I will pass along any questions you may have.