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Shaping things up

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Edo Bread

Shaping things up

I put a lot of energy into flavor and feel of my bread and usually it has a look that I am happy with too. But I really love seeing loaves that are decorative and have beautiful shapes. I am so often impressed with the loaves of people like Anna Giordan.

I had to make loaves for small table settings. Since it was the holidays I did a typical boule, but paired them with a wreath shape inspired by Anna's La Spiga Francese

These were made with 50% Rye starter, 50% wheat starter.  The dough was about 12% Rye, 12% whole wheat.

24 hours bulk ferment.  I increased my normal formula about 15% and then made two loaves, so they are a little smaller so that having both on the table was not overwhelming.

The wreath shape needs work, but as a pair they worked well. This was also a way to let those that love crust enjoy the wreath and plenty of crumb in the boule for those who prefer that.



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Beautiful! I've been amazed at how even a very small amount of whole wheat and/or rye influences the color and texture of the crust. The wreath is really impressive!

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Edo Bread

Thanks so much for the nice comments. I feel like it is the little "secret" of bread that no matter how much gets told is still a secret. The added rye and whole wheat does change everything for the better, it is more delicious, more healthy and often better looking. 


Translation with google

Hello Ed, you've been a real treasure !!!!

Believe me when I say that I have much to learn from all of you.

That donut Spiga is beautiful and you will copy the way you tell me if the student performs well !!!!

Thank you for your kindness and your friendship.

See you soon, Anna


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Edo Bread


Grazie per le gentili parole. La tua passione per il pane è entusiasmante. Spero di provare alcuni dei tuoi altri bei pani e disegni in futuro. Apprezzo tutto quello che fate. Grazie.

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Edo Bread:  They both look wonderful.  You must have received so many compliments.  The wreath is so cute and the crust on the other loaf is perfect. I totally agree that Anna's breads are just out of this world and look gorgeous.  It is fun to see breads on this site, get inspired and make them.  That is what this is all about.  Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing about your next bake.  Best, Phyllis

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Edo Bread


Thank you for the nice comments. I have the opportunity to try the wreath again, I think I can improve it. For me your posts are also like Anna's - very inspiring. Your sourdough experiments look wonderful and start the ideas flowing. I have become almost as addicted to coming here and seeing all of the great loaves as actually baking them myself, so I also look forward to seeing what you present next.

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Edo Bread

Improved the wreath. No pictures.