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interesting pic of internal gluten structure of french bread dough

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Sarah bakes bread

interesting pic of internal gluten structure of french bread dough

My french bread dough developed a large bubble on its top surface and when it burst this is what was under the bubble skin. Shows the wonderful network of gluten strands.

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Edo Bread

Very interesting photo.

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It really shows the "gluten cloak" idea! Without that (as in rye or GF doughs) the bubbles would escape.


Thank you!

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Trevor J Wilson

That is SO COOL!!!

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Great education picture.. thanks for sharing!!  Happy New Year to all.. may your bread rise and your gardens grow!

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Would you mind sharing how you mixed the dough (by hand or mixer, any folds, etc.)?

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Sarah bakes bread

Of course.

I mix by hand until the dough comes together. That isn't too long maybe 3 mins. The dough rests for 5. Then I knead for about 4 more mins. If it seems too wet and unruly I give it a few stretch and folds at 10 minute intervals until it isn't.

This particular batch in the photo had been refrigerated for about 24 hrs prior to use. Which isn't unusual and sometimes its longer. The dough has to work for me sometimes not the other way around. I often get that large gas bubble developing in the centre.



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thanks for sharing Sarah... I use the no knead method with some initial stretch and folds.  Attached is video of gluten structure at 13 hours (first rise).  I also refrigerate my no knead dough routinely after about 16 hours and keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or until I need to make baguettes or pizza or bread.


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The Bread Stone...

Interesting indeed, it is a peculiar weave within it. How did it come out? 

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Hi The Bread Stone...   it was a great loaf... see photo. 75% hydration.   all the best, No Knead Artisan Bread 75% hydration