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Decadent Sprouted Spelt Cinnamon Rolls

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Decadent Sprouted Spelt Cinnamon Rolls


This bake was loosely based on Reinhart's recipe in his new book "Bread Revolution" however I wanted to tweak it for my personal tastes to make them more tasty and maybe just a touch healthier.  

For this recipe I have used sprouted spelt rather than wheat. Here are my other changes:

Firstly I have used coconut oil for the fat for its superior health benefits (MCTs vs saturated fats in butters) and am pleased to say that the coconut taste does not come through due to the stronger flavours present.  This presents some temperature challenges as the oil is solid at room temp so it is necessary to warm it but not to the extent that it would hurt the yeast.

Secondly I have added a good handful of raisins which I pre-soaked overnight in Pedro Ximinez sherry, a deep, dark, treacle like sherry which is gloopy enough and tasty enough to simply pour over vanilla ice-cream (highly recommended!).  Purists amongst you might see this addition as unnecessary for a cinnamon roll, I just happen to love raisins in sweet buns.

Thirdly, to complement those taste tones I elected to use dark soft sugar for the filling rather than a lighter and more granulated sugar.

Very pleased with the results.  All I need now is a freshly made latte or cappuccino !


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of them in one sitting instead of the normal 1 or 2:-)  The sprouted spelt must be a real treat and tasty too.  well done and

Happy baking

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These look amazing.  Well done.