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Spelt SD with Oat and Semolina Soaker

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Spelt SD with Oat and Semolina Soaker


This was an "off-the-cuff" see how it comes out creation and the first time using a soaker for me.  Probably should have picked an established recipe but overall it came out ok.  More hydration would probably have given a better, more open crumb, but I wasn't sure how the soaker would fare.




                Organic Oat Groats In                                           Flaked Oats Out

Cut whilst still a little warm . . .  should have waited longer but was keen to see how it looked and tasted.

Definitely some genuine sourness to the loaf but not in any way acidic or tart/tangy.  It smells nice but the taste is kinda odd to me.  At first there doesn't appear to be any remarkable or overwhelming taste but then flavours start to come through after a few seconds.  I had also intended to put sunflower and poppy seeds in during the folds but totally forgot !!  Doh!




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AbeNW11 (not verified)

When it cools the flavour might improve. Sometimes happens with mine. Looks nice. A porridge bread. 

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ElPanadero: It looks wonderful.  I think I will have to try it, but I won't be able to mill the flour and would add the poppy seeds and sunflower seeds. A lovely looking bread.  Congratulations.  Best,  Phyllis