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mixer conumdrum

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mixer conumdrum

In looking at specs, here's what I find in terms of capacity:

Haussler Alpha - 13 lbs

Ankarsrum - 10.5 lbs

Bosch Universal Plus - 15 lbs

The Bosch is the least expensive and has the greatest capacity according to the specs.  The Haussler has a larger bowl.  It seems everyone loves the Ankarsrum.   All three mix differently.  Two are multi-purpose while one is mostly just for dough.  Is there enough difference in the performance of these three to justify one over the other?

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many people who own both an Haussler and an Ankarsrum ( or whatever...) and I am one of them.

Capacity is not the be all and the end all.

For mixing bread, you cannot beat a two speed spiral except with a two speed spiral with a breaker bar and a reverse (which puts you into the world of true industrial mixers.) I have done the same bread formula in both the Haussler and the Ankarsrum and they each did a good job. But the Haussler did it with perfect ease and nicer cleanup. I love my Haussler. I would marry it.

But I mix other things than bread and the Haussler won't do that. The Ankarsrum will. I love it more than my luggage.

The Bosch I have never used. But I have used Hobarts and a few other types of mixers.

If you want to do a cost vs. benefit analysis, I would have to say that the Ankarsrum costs much less and is nearly as good as and more versatile than the Haussler. If you are spoiled rotten by having used industrial spirals - well, true love is sometimes worth the price.

Some people have experienced problems with the electronics on the Haussler, but got good service and replacement parts. I have had no problems.

Why do I own both? Well, because I can and because there was a great closeout price on old models when the Assistant/DLX/whatever changed names.

Hopefully someone can chime in on Bosch vs. Ankarsrum.

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I agree totally with proth about bowl capacity.  There really is so much more to consider as she pointed out.

I can top proth because I own all 3 mixers.  The Bosch has not been used since I purchased the DLX about 3 years ago.  I keep it only because I have a daughter who may use it someday.  I can't imagine that it would mix 15lbs of dough and do a thorough job….but then I am not an expert.

The DLX is a better mixer, in my opinion, than the Bosch.  Has a steep learning curve since it mixes in an unusual way.  Once mastered it handled anything I tossed into its bowl - small batches as well as large ones.  (Bosch does not handle small amounts of dough at all and then there is that pesky center column issue….)  It is an easy clean up too.  Great quality on the bowl and simple construction.

And then there is Moby, my white Haussler which caused me to retire the DLX for kneading bread doughs…Proth already went into the virtues for this machine.

Why do I own 3 mixers?  Well, I didn't know what I was doing when I first started baking 3-4 years ago.  I started with a KA but that lasted only a month because it couldn't handle my whole grain doughs.  I discovered Bosch when purchasing grain from my grain supplier.  The DLX came on board when I found this site and began to read about it and when I started baking a lot and got tired of the issues with the center column and inconsistencies when kneading different types of doughs and sizes of dough weights.  The Haussler made its appearance when I read about it on PHG and then saw one in action at proth's house.  I bake daily and it makes my life a whole lot easier and I am spoiled.  

It is too bad that stores don't carry mixers that one can try out prior to purchasing.  

Don't know if you are looking to replace a mixer or what but if you want a mixer that does more than just knead dough I would recommend the DLX over the Bosch but that is based on my experience only.  There are others here who would disagree and I would have to agree with them since it is all personal preference.  If you don't bake often then the Haussler is overkill.  It is a machine that deserves to be used a lot…. That too is just my opinion :*)

Good Luck with your search.  I know it can be frustrating trying to figure out what mixer to purchase.


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I appreciate the feedback.  The only contact I have with other bakers is via the internet.  My location, work schedule and budget make it difficult to find other people who bake bread.  I have taught my sister-in-law to make bread but they are a three hour drive from here.  That means just a few visits a year.

As I have progressed in baking I have gone through a small bread machine, a small mixer, a KA 6qt mixer and a Bosch Universal Plus, which is what I own now.  Since the problem with the Bosch and it's blender attachment, I have become leery of multiple purpose machines.  I have a food processor I can pull out when needed and a blender.  I do not need the mixer for these.  I also have several food allergies that have kept me from exploring cakes, cookies and the like.  So the Haussler's single purpose doesn't bother me.  Besides, I have repaired the Bosch well enough to use for things other than bread should the need arise.

So that leaves Ankarsrum or Haussler.  You can get three A's for one H.  I don't know how much Proth travels but she did compare the A to her luggage. (I assume it is mighty fine and useful luggage that you have!)  The Haussler got the higher rating, (marriageable)

I don't bake daily but usually twice a week or more.

Hmmm, I'll see how my trading/selling/... goes today.  If I can raise the funds for the Haussler I will probably get it.  I will look for owner comments on the electronics of it.

Thanks for the input.


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to travel every single week - or travel for longer than a week when I went international.

Luggage was my life. And, yes, it was (still is) fine, fine stuff which I will never risk to the hands of airline baggage handlers.

(However, I am quoting a line from "Steel Magnolias")

If all you ever want to mix is bread (and I do think you should consider future needs) and you can reasonably afford the Haussler - you will not regret it.

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Hi Mike,

Had to chuckle when reading your bread equipment  experiences…they ring true to my 'journey'.  I would say cut to the chase and go with the Haussler.  

I had electronic problems…the touch pad didn't always work correctly on low speed.  I purchased mine from PHG and they are very good/excellent when it comes to customer service after a sale - at least that has ALWAYS been my experience.  They handled all the communications with Haussler and I was sent a new touch pad to install myself.

One of the lovely things about the Haussler is the simplicity of the machine.  Gears and a couple of chains plus a motor - all within easy access for repairs yourself if necessary.  All metal - heavy metal.  It weights 75# so you will need counter space to store it on rather than keeping it in a cupboard and 'pulling' it out whenever you need it.  

If you decide to go with it you might want to purchase the lubricating grease they sell too.  

Good Luck,


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Well, I am negotiating the sale of my motorcycle.  That would cover the Haussler as well as leave me some over for future needs.  I'm attracted to it's ease of use and maintenance, it's reputation, PHG's reputation, it's simplicity and for the quality of the dough it produces.