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Greetings from Tampa

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Greetings from Tampa

Greetings  floyd, ehanner, Paddyscake, browndog, minioven, crumb bum, KipperCat et al.  I have recently arrived in Tampa for 6 months and just moved into my place... across the street from a small bakery and had to sample the sourdough.  Well, for a guy who has spent 5 years in California two of which in Monterey just south of San Francisco, it's going to be a challenge acclimatizing to a different interpretation.  Or, just motivate me to get some baking equipment - the kitchen is modestly appointed to say the least.  I might try the no kneed dough - have to get a dutch oven (Can't get much cooking equipment in a suit case and sea bag  : )

Have a great Labor Day!

SD Baker

(San Diego by way of Tampa)

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is settling in.  As an old air force retiree, I can well remember the TDY's and moving from location to location every few years.



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Since the climates of San Diego and Tampa are soooooo different - it will be interesting to see what type of adaptions you will need to make. I'll look forward to your observation...


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The Latin restaurants are great in the Tampa Bay area. It's been a while since I was there but there are many great little places serving up cuban and other food you can't find anywhere else except Florida. Fish in a bag, Fish in salt block, great beans and rice like you can't stand it they are sooo good. Oh yea!

When you see the Sunshine Skyway bridge towers think of me being stuck up there the night before they opened the bridge.


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It is amazing how different breads can be across the country. Sourdough, bagels and as recently discussed,  cuban bread. You'll have to give us your opinion of it! Keep us up to date on your bread adventures...

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Mini Oven

An few ideas from a traveler. Try finding two deep non-stick lightweight frying pans that you can remove the handles and stack on top, lip-to-lip or lip-inside-lip of each other. Makes a nice little chamber to bake bread and not so heavy as Dutch oven. Pans can even double as mixing/raising bowls. If you roll up a towel (or a clean T-shirt) inside one pan, donut style, and drape it, you've got a banneton. For a cooling rack stand both pans side-by-side with about two inches between them and balance the loaf on the edges between the two pans. Bye now and glad SC is behind you. -- Mini Oven

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You have much traveling baker wisdom, Mini Oven. Thank you.

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Oh, good, now you can try the Cuban bread.  We will all benefit from your expertise.  Enjoy your new home.

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I have noticed a lot of discussion on Cuban bread here..but I am woefully behind on my freshloaf homework reading assignments.  Will have to catch up!

 SD Baker

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I'm glad you're settled in one place for awhile - will look forward to seeing more of your bread.