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Halloween Bake

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Halloween Bake

I have baked Pumpkin Pain De Mie and Pumpkin and Pepita Rustic bread for Halloween, and two batches of Pretzel.


Pumpkin bread Pumpkin breadPumpkin breadPumpkin bread


The ideal of Pretzel came to me when I was at Beer Garden for Octoberfest, I brought a pretzel from one of the stalls, its a total disappointment. First its crust tasted and felt like rubber, the crumb was dry almost like a softed cracker and the taste is blanded, so I decided to bake my own. My first pretzel batch is a disaster, as its a little over proof and it sticks to the paper. Then I found out its not even parchment paper @@. It is super soft so Its impossible to have it dip into Lye bath. Ummmm Baking bread is always full of challenges and disappointment. 




One on the left is my second batch the ugly one on the right is my first attempt. Its like a scary bread for halloween rather than one for o Octoberfest

After my disastrous First Attempt, I googled and watch a few video, found out that they will have their dough chilled or even frozen for easier handling. which is why the people can always carry their pretzel dough around like its an unproofed dough, Phew ~~ thats as quick and easy fix to my mess. 

< Untitled Untitled Untitled


The look of pretzels are like an evilish laugh of a bread.

I have also baked a Soy and Honey Sour Pain de Mie with 20% soy pulp (Left over from my Soy milk)


Honey and soy pain de mie Honey and soy pain de mie


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Love the scary pretzels and that Rustic Pepita but those Pain De Mie are to die for too.  Well done and

Happy Baking CeciC

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I especially like the crumb shot in the last picture.