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First Rye Test (Group B)

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First Rye Test (Group B)

Never having baked, tasted or even seen these skinny loaves before now their shape is my best guess based on Stan's instructions.

I may not have got the shape right, but I'm sure I got the recipe right. They are loaded with flavors! We're planning a small get together with friends to eat these; each guest will bring a dip or spread they think appropriate for rye. I'm making a roasted beet, yogurt, bleu cheese and bacon dip.


David G


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Wow!  These look awesome. Wish I was in the group so I could make these.  Lucky guests.....guess I have to wait until the book comes out unless Stan decides to duplicate some of the recipes within different groups.  These look like they would go well with some Sauerbraten or Wienerschitzel and beer!

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Apple Betty

Beautiful crumb.  They sure do look tasty.

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Edo Bread

What is the group  mentioned here? I tried searching around but not sure what is going on. Thanks

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Some of us, well, a bunch of us, are Stan's 'rye gangsters' baking test recipes for his forthcoming book on rye breads. We are sworn to secrecy as regarding the actual recipes but we are allowed to tempt everyone on TFL and elsewhere with photos. There's a thread on the bread photography forum here, and picks and mysterious comments on the blogs. I'm not blogging but am posting picks on the thread Mini Oven started.

The gangsters are divided into groups. A through somewhere in the alphabet. All the gangsters in one group all get the same two recipes each week. Ian and I are in the same group, apparently. We will be baking a LOT of rye til the end of the year, and we have deadlines to meet to give feedback to Stan. In addition to glory and recipes we get a discount on flours we purchase from New York Bakers for the test.