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Hi all, bit of a novice here seeking guidance!

left this ciabatta to proof overnight in fridge...think it's over! when I moved it to oven it was really saggy and full of air bubbles. And after the bake there are large air bubbles under the crust- is this from over proofing? 

Otherwise tastes alright!

thanks for the feedback

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Actually those large holes are characteristic of good ciabatta!  Ciabatta is a high hydration dough so it's ok that it was shaggy and the reason for the air bubbles is because of a well formed gluten structure.  When you have a well formed gluten structure it is more capable of trapping the CO2 released by the yeast.  I would say this bread is beautiful!

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Congrats Mark with your ciabatta.  Nice work!   Looks like proofing just a tad over, could have used a flip before baking to redistribute bubbles.   


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but I think you are right about over proofing just a bit as indicated by the big bubbles being at the top. But also as was stated above gently flipping ciabatta is typically the way to go

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Mini Oven

The idea is to cut or tear off a chunk and use it as an eating utensil to push or to scoop or soak up juices.  You are "on the money bread."    Big Congrats!

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It's such a great feeling to find something that works well.

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wow thanks all for your comments and encouragement!


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Could you please tell us about the recipe/method, so we can attempt to replicate your success.

Thanks in anticipation,


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is the answer and the thing most novices don't do because they don't know.  Looks great otherwise.  Well done and happy baking.

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I would love to see this recipe!  I have had a lot of trouble accomplishing the very open crumb of ciabatta. 

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Used this as a template:

But I kneaded it myself, it was really wet but just had to persevere, then folded it twice during the batch fermentation over 2 hours, shaped it and then final proof in fridge overnight! It was kind of a combination of several recipes haha!