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Semolina&Kamut&PoppySeed Levain

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Semolina&Kamut&PoppySeed Levain


  • 269g BF (52%)
  • 103g Kamut (20%)
  • 78g Semolina (15%)
  • 140g Levain (13% bf 13%water)
  • 26g Toasted SesameSeeds (5%)
  • 346g Water (67%)
  • 10g Salt (2%)

The evening before baking I mixed up my levain using 7g active chef and 200 or so grams of both water and flour and let it ferment at an albeit cool room temp overnight plus some of the following morning.  I made extra for a different project and the additional flour and water with out a significant increase in chef caused for a slower fermentation for the levain, which was fine. When I was ready to start mixing I added everything but the salt and sesame seeds and let it sit for an hour, during this time I toasted the seeds in a dry cast iron and made sure they were cool. 

After the hour had passed I mixed in the seeds and salt and gave the already pretty developed dough a minute or so of slap and folds followed by a rest and a few more folds. Then I let it ferment for an additional four hours at room temp with a few stretch and folds at the 1, 2 and 2 and a half hour marks. 

Five hours later I shaped the loaf and rolled it on a wet towel then rolled it on a plate full of black sesame seeds and popped it in my pullman pan for 4 hours.

Four hours later I baked it at 450 for an hour then took it out of the pan and baked it for another 10 minutes.


mmmmm mm this is some tasty bread, its both buttery and earthy and the sesame seeds both on the inside and out contribute a great nuttyness that I am a big fan of. I was also very pleased and a bit surprised at how well the dough came together with two flours that didn't contribute much gluten to the mix. I expect this one will go fast and I will make it again for sure. 


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Now that looks tasty! A very smart looking loaf you have produced there. Old durum and new durum.

Well done. Wish I could have a taste..


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The combination was killer, something I will be using more of in the future for sure

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with all of these fine tinned loaves!  Well done and

Happy baking WS.

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Far from a master but I'm getting the hang of that pan, thats for damn sure.

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Beautiful loaf, WS! The crumb is so open, it almost looks like carbonation! Nice combination of ingredients, textures and flavors. Inspiring, yet again.


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I'm always pleased when I hack into a loaf and see a crumb like this one.

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What a beautiful loaf - both inside and out!  Your coating of the poppy seeds is so even - I am duly impressed knowing that is not an easy thing to achieve :*)


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the seed coating is easy street if you roll the loaf on a wet towel then in a deepish layer of seeds. for a full on coating its the only way to go... that I know of.

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Really nice loaf.  Lovely structure.  

You must have small pullmans or gigantic hands :)



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A little bit of both.

I'm using a 9x4x4 so in the pullman spectrum its on the small end.

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Great looking loaf Spoon!  I have to try this one soon.  I just received my new pullman pan too!  What size do you have?

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I look forward to seeing your rendition. I have a 9x4x4. what size did you get?


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David Esq.

Nicely done.

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This one sure did beg to be eaten and its wishes were duly noted, then acted upon.