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Pumpkin and a Pint Bread

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Pumpkin and a Pint Bread

Anybody have a handy cheat sheet for calculating hydration when adding ingredients like pumpkin? The Internet is full of recipes for sweet pumpkin quick bread, and the last time I forgot to account for the water content in pumpkin puree I got soup, not bread. I had a hunch that TFL would come through, and sure enough, big thanks to Karin's post here:, and to Dan Lepard's original recipe.

I didn't use pumpkin seeds as I somehow never got around to toasting them. And, rather than whey, what I had hanging around is what I could politely call a pint of homebrewed English Bitter- but it was the first pint, so actually a yeasty delight better suited for bread than drinking- hence my version of the recipe:

500g KA All Purpose

250g Libby Pumpkin Puree

250g beer

10g salt

25g olive oil

1/4 tsp yeast

I mixed this around 10:30 PM and got up at around 6:30 to find it threatening to escape the bowl- as I said, a lot of yeast in that first pull- the added yeast may have been largely superfluous. Shaped into two loaves, proofed for an hour and they were ready to pull from the oven by the time I got back from dropping my daughter off at school. It appears my notes are sparse here, but I think 450 F for around 40 minutes total.

Pumpkin loaves shaped and risingPumpkin loaves fresh from the oven




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a great Thanksgiving bread,  Bet with some added butter and a bit of brown sugar, this recipe would make a fine roll too.  Love beer in bread especially one that comes with its own yeast:-)  Well done and happy baking.

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This particular canned pumpkin with salt is almost 90% water.  There are a bunch of different pumpkin results, just search and you'll get a list.

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Looks good! I've got pumpkin bread on the brain anyway, so now I'm thinking it will have beer in it this year.  Thanks for the idea.


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I tried this with a dark bottled beer, and after sitting for hours it didn't really raise at all.  Perhaps I need to add more yeast because I am using a different beer?

Smells good. :)