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Latest batch, sept. 2014

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Latest batch, sept. 2014

This is a batch of bread I baked and delivered for a regular client of mine. She is my first client outside of the market, and the only one thus far. The breads are: Olive levain, Whole Wheat multigrain, and Oatmeal bread, and 80% rye; all from Hamelman's book: (BREAD). My wife's shaping skills are improving fast! she shaped and scored some of the loaves depicted above. Can you tell? I've gotten her hooked now ;)

As to the 80% rye, i had an old rye bread in the freezer and used some of that in the soaker. The news here, is that I've used a cold soaker (non boiled water) instead of the usual scald. I'm pretty pleased with the crumb and overall flavor. I think I like a cold soaker for this type of bread.





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how cool that you've got your wife hooked! They all look good and that rye is calling for butter, cheese, tomatoes, name it!  I hope your client realises how lucky she is, a real treat!  

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:) Thanks, Kiseger!

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

You've certainly tickled my tastebuds. 

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Thanks, Abe!

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some kind of bread business,  They all look great.and they have to taste fine on the inside. I say it is time to buy something nice for your wife to celebrate her being hooked as an apprentice:-)  Well done and happy baking Khalid.

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Thanks, DA!

Her birthday is close, so I might as well gift her for both occasions ;)



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Yes, I'd like to place an order...  Nice selection, Khalid!  Good to hear you have some helping hands, the loves look great.


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Thanks, Marcus! I'm glad my wife has finally succumbed to bread making :)


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Great looking spread Khalid.  Looks like your wife will give you a run for your money!


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Fine by me :) 

Thanks, Ian!

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That's a lovely selection of breads, Khalid. What effect on the final loaf does doing a cold soak vs a hot soak/scald make?