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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cardamom Loaf

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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cardamom Loaf

When a friend showed up at my front door with a freshly picked pumpkin in her arms I didn't have to think much as to how it would be 'put to use'.  Recently I had found a recipe for a spiced pumpkin loaf on a food blogger's site (Annie's Eats) that had caught my attention.  While the original recipe didn't include cardamom, I somehow decided to include it in my ingredient list. I am glad I did.  I also used WY to leaven the loaves rather than IY…..I just can't resist tweaking recipes :*)



FORMULA:      (Based on the one above from Annie's Eats which was based off of KA Pumpkin Yeast Bread…..which I tweaked for use with WY and whole grains….)

FLOUR  100%   (15% of the flour was used in the leaven - pre-fermented.)

WATER   28%    (12% of the water was yeast water which I use in my leavens to keep them on the sweeter side,)

SALT       1.5%

IY            0.15%


HONEY    14%

EGG         13%

OIL            5%




CLOVES         pinch

MACE              pinch

NUTMEG         pinch

GINGER          pinch

(Adjust spice pinches to your preference.)



It didn't take long for the pumpkin to be transformed into several colorful and fragrant loaves.  


     Freshly ground flour


                     some egg yolks   



a bit of spice   


                                  sweetened with honey  


all combined to make the final loaves.


No crumb shot since the breads will be heading to new homes soon while the formula will stay behind to be added to one of my Bread Binders so that I can bake this bread again and again and again.

                                                      Happy Fall and Happy Harvest to you all.





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Nice color!  I don't usually use egg yolk --  I understand it's a good emulsifier.  Are you using it as the fat source?

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Hi Ken,

No, recipe called for egg; my son had made an omelet in the morning and had some yolks left over so I tossed them into the mix as part of the formula so they wouldn't go to waste :*)  (Home baker tweaking to use up 'extras')


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loaf.  Love the cardamon even though the only bread I ever made that was inedible was a Swedish cardamon rye bread where the cardamon was a more than a little front and center for some reason.  Your tweaking is making Lucy a little itchy is a good way and possibly a little nervous in the service.  We love this bread.  Time to start thinking about fruit cakes and panettone pretty soon.  Well done - love your whole grains and tweaking.

Happy baking Janet.   

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Hi Mr. D.

It smells like Thanksgiving too :)

Yes, cardamom can be a bit much so, when in doubt, I balance it with cinnamon :)

My holiday list is coming together too.  Ever since I started baking bread and discovered this site a few years ago I love this time of year as it is a fun time to bake so many different types of breads from all over the world.  I love the variety.

Have fun with your holiday breads.

Take Care,



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No crumb shot? Oh, the tease!

Your passion for baking and your superb skills so far is inspiring, even when you can't taste your own products.


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No, no crumb shot but I can tell you it will look like a sandwich loaf.  Tight uniform crumb that is moistened by the pumpkin that also gives the loaf a nice orange hue.   Sorry but they all were sent to new homes :)

Today's loaf is one YOU inspired - dates and sesame seeds!.

Thanks fro you very kind words Khalid!

Take Care,


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Janet: This looks wonderful.  I make a zucchini bread with cardamom, which we enjoy, but the combination of pumpkin and cardamom sounds perfect.  Your instincts are right on.  Can you share the recipe?  Sounds like a perfect fall bake.  Congratulations.  Best, Phyllis

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Hi Phyllis,

Thank you for the complement.  I learned about cardamom on this site only a few years ago.  It was not a spice I had ever used before and now I find I am using it a lot in cinnamon rolls and other sweet breads that I bake.  People really like it.   Have no idea how this spice eluded me for so many years  but then I didn't bake until I retired so, I guess, that pretty much explains it!

I just edited the above to include the formula I followed.  If you want to see the original recipe just click on 'Annie's Eats' and it will take you right to it wherein the quantities she used are listed in volume measurements.  

I put this all together over 2 days.  Building my leaven on day one and mixing the final dough in the evening.  I let my doughs bulk ferment overnight in the refrigerator then, after a warm up time in the morning, I shape, proof and bake them.  I am sure this formula with work with whatever baking routine you follow and whatever leaven you use.  IF you try it do decrease the water unless you use whole wheat which is thirstier than bread flour.

Have Fun.


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I never would have thought of the pumpkin/cardamom combination for bread but it sounds like an inspired idea!  This loaf is beautiful, love the blistering and rich colour of the crust.  Shame we can't get a crumb shot!!   Love your bakes Janet, always enjoy reading your posts.

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Thank you for your generous complements.  All of my inspiration comes from others - either here or I somehow find breads on blogs by doing google searches.

 Several years ago I learned about the book 'THE FLAVOR BIBLE' and it has helped immensely in giving me new ideas for flavor combinations that I would never have thought of on my own.

Crumb on this loaf will be like a sandwich loaf.  Soft and moist with a golden hue derived from the spices and pumpkin.

Take Care,


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It can't be pumpkin season already, can it?  I haven't even had a chance to make a pear bread yet, much less pumpkin!  Well, if it has to be fall then this looks like a fine way to get in the spirit.  The bread sounds great, Janet.  I've never used cardamom before but I think I'll have to give it a try.  Thanks for sharing!


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Hi Marcus,

Yep, the pumpkins are turning orange everywhere and kids are already getting psyched for Halloween…..I say yikes too. Time seems to fly.

I had never used cardamom before finding TFL…, whenever I pull my cinnamon jar off of the shelf, I can't help but add a pinch or two of cardamom to 'round' the flavor out.  The people I bake for love it so that has encouraged my exploration into using it a bit more often.  Hope you like it too.

I haven't made a pear bread yet either….apples, oatmeal sweetened with maple syrup and these pumpkin ones thus far.  The pears here are still a bit green but soon…….Home Baked has a nice and simple formula that I used last year and am waiting to use once again…maybe this year I will spice it up a bit… many ideas :*)

Thanks for commenting Marcus!

Take Care,