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SD Croissants fresh from the oven

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SD Croissants fresh from the oven

Quick post showing this mornings croissants freshly baked.

My SD starter lievito madre responsible for raising these delights.

egg washed


Just a small batch as I'm still practicing my laminating skills. I successfully rolled these without tearing the dough, a first! Patience is key, with hour-long rests between each turn.


350__ 500 grams of flour 00 strong (I used a 380w)
105__ 150 grams of sourdough refreshed twice
10.5__ 15 grams of egg yolk
63____90 grams of sugar
10.5__ 15 grams of melted butter 
6.3____ 9 grams of salt
168__ 240 grams of water.
 flavours: vanilla, orange

Butter per sfogliata: 203, 290 grams

Procedure: Mix all ingredients until dough is smooth and homogeneous.
Chill for at least 4 hours.

Roll out the dough, collect the butter and make 3 of 3 folds as for the pastry, doing stand 1 hour each fold.
Spread, form the croissants and let rise for 16 hours at 22 °
Bake at 180 degrees until golden brown ( about 20 minutes)



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Wow!  Beautiful result, they must be delicious.  Lovely dark crispy crust, and the addition of vanilla and orange sounds great!  This kind of bake is still a long way off for the likes of me, but inspiring, thank you!

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Thanks. I confess however I strayed from the original formula and didn't include the flavourings. They had a natural caramel / toffee aroma which is was very moreish.

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Those look perfect Michael.  My wife has become pretty good at making the Croissants but I've been meaning to try some SD ones and I will have to give yours a try.


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Thanks Ian. Just note that my lievito has a specific acidity and yeasting power so I'm not sure how things might turn out with your starter. But please, give it a try..


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Very well done! Those look absolutely beautiful and scrumptious- that browned crust; that shine. Now if only I could make them as good as those :P

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Cheers. I'm sure with practise you could make them as good as these. I've made croissants less than ten times I think and having patience really helps.

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And you won't need them to eat these beutimous, puffy treats.  They look terrific and haw to taste great.  A 16 hour proof at 72 F is impossible here .....but in a couple of months maybe.  Well done and

Happy Baking Michael

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lol. yeah I see what you mean. They were indeed pretty damned tasty!

Cheers dabrownman

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Hi Michael,

These look a whole lot better than the batch I made yesterday!!!  Mine were over baked and too small but family ate them anyway :)

Yours, on the other hand, give me something to work towards.  I love the color of your crust and the shape!

Thanks for the post.


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Hi Janet.

Croissants can be quite challenging to make and bake. Quite easy to over bake them, some might consider mine over baked! I'm sure your next batch will be better. Just keep making them..



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Les Nightingill

Those croissants are fabulous, Michael.

I have to ask about your "lievito madre"... what's the hydration? Looks as if it has no slump as it sits on your counter. Trying to understand the interesting shape... was it kept wrapped in the cloth (muslin?) that it's sitting on? Not in a jar?

What is sfogliata? Google translate couldn't tell me! (Lievato madre I translated myself as "the mother of all starters"!)

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Cheers Les.

My lievito madre is 50% hydration. No slump, no, it is strong. Yes the dough is wrapped in the cloth and then put into a cylindrical container. It starts out as a ball which I cut a cross into about a third deep. As it rises it opens out from the centre. This is very important as it tells you the strength of the lievito.

Sfogliata refers to the lamination part. In Italy you commonly find brioche dough rolled in a croissant shape. "per sfogliata" tell you they're made with butter rolled in.

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Hi Michael,
What a lovely display of buttery goodness! I have always wanted to make croissants using a levain, but most "sourdough croissant" or "croissant with starter" recipes seem to contain some commercial yeast in addition to the levain. I don't have anything against the hybrid recipes, but I just wanted to try it with pure SD. Thank you so much for posting your formula and method. I am definitely going to try making these croissants.
:) Mary

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Hi Mary

I know what you mean. I like to be able to make all make yeast-leavened baked goods with only SD and recipes for croissants are indeed hard to come by. I only know of two and they're both Italian. Which makes sense since they take great pride in they're pasta madre. Good luck baking these. Could be tricky.



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Wow, those look delicious. SD too!

Like you, I too am working on developing my lamination skills, here in Hot Dubai.. Imagine that!


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Thanks Khalid.

I'm imagining and it must be tough. Out of the fridge, quickly roll out, fold and back in all within 30 seconds probably...!


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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Damn these look good!

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Cheers Abe

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Being that these croissants were still cooling when I posted this I was unable to provide a picture of the crumb.

These croissants didn't hang around long and were snapped up by myself and family.

With one, I cut it open and lathered it with nutella. And so here are some shots of it mid consumption.


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Song Of The Baker

Beauties Michael.  Croissants are a weakness of mine...for that reason I have strayed away from trying to bake them at home.  I would devour them all with some hot chocolate or coffee in a day. 

Those look like they turned out perfectly!