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Juergen Krauss


Last Sunday the weather turned British over here, time to do something REALLY BRITISH:

A Pimms party with our neighbours!!!

I supplied some of the food: Tried and tested Sesame Crackers and Swedish Thin Bread (from Bo Friberg's book The Professional Pastry Chef), to go with some hoummous and guacamole.

I will give only a brief description of the process, as making these tasty crackers is really easy, and the formulas and stories around it are published in Friberg's book, which I highly recommend:

Sesame Crackers

Bread Flour 77%

Wholegrain Wheat Flour 23%

Instant Yeast 1%

Malt or Honey 1%

Salt 2%

Sesame Oil 5.4%

Water 57%

Sesame Seeds (mixed black & white) 31%

Mix all ingredients except Sesame Seeds and work the dough.

Incorporate the seeds (if the dough is too stiff let it rest a bit)

Proof for 1 hour.

Divide. (60g balls work very well for me using a pasta machine)

Roll out very thin (I use a pasta machine up to step 4 of 7)

Transfer to a baking sheet, cut crackers to size as required.

Bake immediately at 190C for about 12 minutes.

They should be golden brown but not burnt. Sit next to the oven and watch!!!


2. Swedish Thin Bread

Vegetable Shortening 19.3%

Butter (room temp) 9.2%

Granulated Sugar 9.2%

Rolled Oats 28.6%

Bread Flour 100%

Salt 0.8%

Baking Soda 0.7%

Buttermilk 60.5%

(Yield 228.4%)

Cream shortening and butter until fluffy

Incorporate dry ingredients alternating with buttermilk

Do not overmix. Wetter dough makes crisper bread

Roll out very thin and transfer to baking sheet, 300g for a 30X35cm sheet work well for me.

Score to get cracker shapes (don't tear the dough, you can break them easily after baking)

Bake at 160C until completely dry (ca. 30 min)






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Those look great Juergen, thx for sharing!

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These crackers look fantastic, thanks for the recipes, duly noted!  Another fine bake Juergen!