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Organic molasses for the Win

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Organic molasses for the Win

I'm just popping in here to make a note so I'll hopefully remember this so I can make it again. (And keep tweaking the recipe, of course). Anyhow, I was reading local breads this morning and contemplating making some olive rolls from it, couldn't find oil cured olives in the grocery store, but the final dusting with cornmeal stuck with me to this afternoon. Once again a case where I intended to make sub rolls, but my hands decided I needed more practice with baguettes (which I clearly do). But what I'm really trying to leave myself a note about it to sub organic molasses for honey again sometime- love that malty sweetness it seemed to lend to the finished bread. It's great in a dark beer too, so I shouldn't be surprised.


500 g AP

150 g milk

175 g water

28 g

11 g Salt

1  1/2 tsp yeast (or as appropriate for the time available /sourdough, etc.)


As it happened this was bulk ferment for about an hour, shaped and then it rose for around 20 minutes when I stuck the loaves in the refrigerator for another 90 minutes or so as the weather got nice and we went to the lake.

Bake at 450 for around 30 minutes.

But really, it was all about the molasses- not too sweet, but combined with the milk made for a soft roll that still had some nice crunch from the cornmeal.