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Poolish 10% Wheat Rye

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Poolish 10% Wheat Rye

This is a simple recipe with overnight poolish, since I havent got time to refresh my starter last week so I used overnight poolish instead.

33% preferment @ 100% poolish

70% hydration (withholding 5% to mix with yeast n salt)

10% Rye

90% white bread flour

Build the poolish 12hours before i mix the dough, with unexpected even I have leave it in the fridge for a couple more hours.

Mix the dough and autolyse for 1hour

Dissolve yeast in the remaining water, squeeze into the dough mix well till they come together.

bulk fermentation: 2 hours

Divide the dough and rest for 15 mins

final proof: 1.5 hrs

Bake in dutch over @ 240 covered 25Min, 15Min uncovered.

It has light crackling crust n very soft crumb.

It is a very good indulging bread, sometimes we just need a break from all the wholegrains. :P

My new family members


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Lovely delicious looking bread, Ceci.

Those miniature plants are cute!


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They look lovely but dun know why they dun have super big holes in them, not sure if it has sth to do with the shape or my shaping skills.

yes I build these little beauties with my friend

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You are right . Lucy and I need a break from whole and sprouted grains now and again too.    Makes them both taste better and gives us a chance to say " Wow, i forgot how good this bread was!  Well done and

Happy Baking CeciC

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cannot agree with you more!!!

But after a week, I miss my normal sourdough wholegrains, they have different taste n flavor profile which makes them more interesting.

I think I know what to bake this week.

Happy baking Dab!! Say hi to Lucy for me!!