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Five Grain Levain Variations

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Five Grain Levain Variations

I have made this recipe a few times since I first posted it on this site, and I received some great suggestions from TFL bakers.  Steve22802 did two cold fermentations rather than one, and Tanorama added fruit, so I tried a few different twists on this batch of dough, which makes three loaves.  I did three things differently than the recipe (link below) on this bake:  1. I did everything by hand and didn't use my KitchenAid stand mixer; 2. I did two cold proofs, one after the room temperature bulk proof, per the recipe, and a second overnight proof after shaping. 3. I added raisins, dried cranberries, walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of brown sugar to create a breakfast loaf for one of the loaves.

This is such a great dough coming together with all the grains.

Here's the first loaf I baked yesterday, sans any fruit.

It was very tasty, crumb and crust fine, and a bit more tangy with the extra cold proof.

I baked the fruit loaf today (our anniversary!). It tasted quite good, not too sweet at all.

I have frozen the third loaf to bake later.  I do love this recipe (see link below).  Thanks to Steve and Tanorama for their suggestions.  Phyllis


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And beautiful loaves, look absolutely delicious.  Did you keep to the same starter amount or change it for the double fridge process?  Your earlier posts over the last few days look great too!  

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Kiseger:  I used the same amount of starter, and it seemed to work well. My husband says we are being taken over by all the bread I've made lately. Thank you so much for your kind words.  I didn't tell him I added cinnamon to the "sweet" five grain, but he picked it out right away.  I tried to be a bit skimpy with the spices and sugar and that worked fine.  I have just started another recipe (as the beast needed to be fed, and I hate to waste it...), but it's one I haven't made before and have always wanted to try.  I will be sure to post something when it's complete, but this will be a several day build. I will have to turn my attention to dinner soon.  We are grilling tuna and vegetables for our anniversary dinner....with some great wine, of course.  Have fun baking!  Best,  Phyllis

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to giving the mixer a rest too!  We love the way this bread looks on the inside and the extra raisins and seeds and nuts really make it pop!.  Has to taste great with the two long retards although the extra sour is being masked by the sweetness of one of these two fine loaves.  Well done and

Happy baking Phyllis

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I did like the sweet bread, but I could eliminate the second cold proof for that one. But, it tasted pretty good, just a tad more sour. I will definitely experiment with this one again.  We just love all the seeds and grains in this recipe.  Good luck with your next bake!  Best,  Phyllis

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They look Delicious! Nice work Phyllis. Happy anniversary, too :)


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I had fun with this recipe.  I learn something every time and will do it differently the next.  Hope you are well! Best,  Phyllis

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Beautiful baking Phyllis and happy Anniversary!



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 I have the porridge bread you made for your father-in-law on my list.  I have got to get through some travels, and I am on it!  Take care.  Phyllis