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Polenta sourdough

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Polenta sourdough

I've seen a few posts showcasing polenta sourdough breads lately, so here's my take on it.

I cooked more porridge than I needed for the dough because it's hard to cook less using my smallest pot. I added 30 g Bob's Red Mill polenta (corn grits) to 120 g boiling water and cooked it over low heat until the water was just absorbed. I let the porridge cool overnight in the refrigerator.


My polenta sourdough formula is loosely based on Hamelman's Vermont sourdough. Overall hydration was 70%. I included the levain in the calculation, but didn't include the cooked polenta.

Polenta Sourdough

Grams (Baker's Pct)

AP Flour 410g (88.17%)

Whole rye flour 55g (11.83%)

Water 305g (65.59%)

Salt 10g (2.15%)

Cooked polenta 80g (17.2%)

Levain 168g (36.13%)

Total 1018g

I made one batard and one boule. Final proof on the batard was 2.5 hrs at room temperature. Here's the batard's crumb:


The shaped boule was retarded in the refrigerator for 19 hours. Here's the boule's crumb:


The batard's crumb was definitely better than the boule's crumb. The boule was most likely overproofed, but it still tasted great. Live and learn!



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It's really a great bread, isn't it?

I like the scoring on the boule.

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I really like the flavor that the polenta gives the bread. And it keeps it moist too!

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It looks so good!

I love the Scoring on the boule, so even and beautiful.

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I never know what pattern to score on boules. So I've been playing around with different ones. 

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I've been obsessing over polenta lately, and I think it gives a great little nutty sweetness to sourdoughs.

Yours look no less than absolutely fantastic. I have found that some of my polenta breads yield a more gummy crumb when proofed for two long . . . I usually like to proof my breads for a really long time in the fridge, but with polenta bread, it never seems to do the trick.

In any case, looks like you've got some eating to do!

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My crumb seems to be fine when I retard the Vermont sourdough for up to 24 hours. But with the polenta added to the same basic formula, the crumb is a tiny bit gummy with the long retard in the fridge when compared to one that has not been retarded.  I wonder if this is the case with all porridge breads or just corn polenta.

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Wonderful inside and out.  We love corn in bread.  It adds a depth of flavor you can't get any other way.  Well done and

Happy baking.

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The flavor was lovely. I think I will increase the amount of polenta porridge next time to get a more "corny" bread. Maybe 20-25% instead of 17%. And I had no idea that I could just add some porridge to any basic SD formula and it would work. Yippee!

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Mini Oven

I suspect the age of the cooked starch might be making the difference in the crumb.  I can't explain it yet. just something about sugars and starches.