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Pain Au Levain with Spelt Flour

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Pain Au Levain with Spelt Flour

Overall Formula
Stone Ground Spelt Flour25.00%100.00
Wheat flour, white (industrial), 13% protein, bleached, unenriched37.50%150.00
Wheat flour, white (industrial), 10% protein, bleached, unenriched37.50%150.00
Water, tap, drinking75.00%300.00
Salt, table2.00%8.00
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Stage 1: Preferment 
Stone Ground Spelt Flour50.00%5.00%20.00
Wheat flour, white (industrial), 13% protein, bleached, unenriched50.00%5.00%20.00
Water, tap, drinking100.00%10.00%40.00
Stage totals20.00%80.00
10% seeds and fermented for 8 hours overnight at 22C its doubled with sweet aroma
Final Dough 
Stone Ground Spelt Flour22.22%20.00%80.00
Wheat flour, white (industrial), 13% protein, bleached, unenriched36.11%32.50%130.00
Wheat flour, white (industrial), 10% protein, bleached, unenriched41.67%37.50%150.00
Water, tap, drinking72.22%65.00%260.00
Salt, table2.22%2.00%8.00
From: Preferment22.22%20.00%80.00
Stage totals177.00%708.00

Mixed all ingredient except salt. 

Autolysed for 30mins

Add salt with Pincer method till it reaches medium gluten development. About 4 squeezes alternate with 10 folds.

S&F 4 times @ 30mins

1 hour left un-touch

Pre-shaped, rest 20mins and shaped. 

Over-night proof in the fridge for 9 hours. Bake right out of oven in a dutch oven at 240C covered for 20mins, 20mins uncovered. 

This bread is really tasty, one of the best I ever had. I can barely stopped myself from finishing the loaf after having 4 slices plain. Evilish bread.


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Ah, yes, I do love those "evilish" loaves.  And this one looks villainous indeed!  This is the sort of loaf that in my kitchen would be half gone before the thing it was supposed to go with was done cooking.  Nicely done.


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I totally agree with lucky I was at hombuy myself that day. now it is all gone 

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That is a nice loaf of bread that has to taste great. Well done an

Happy Baking CeciC

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Didn't "bleached" flour get outlawed years ago? 

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It is still the most widely used flower in the world. You seem to have been in another world for a long time to make a statement like that.

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not kneaded à la Forkish is my default method for high hydration breads. Great looking bread (and I hope Lutz gives you some slack on the white flour.)


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Great pics - really love the lighting. And the crumb - mmm.


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Hi, Cecilia

I love how the bread turned out. really attractive crumb structure!

I noticed that mentioned bleached flour. I wouldn't use bleached flour;  it robs away delicate carotenoids (yellow flavor giving pigments) in flour. As much as you can, try using less of the Industrial flour and more of plain unbleached flour. 

Your photography is really good too. 

Keep them coming!