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A little fun with fougasse

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A little fun with fougasse

Regular shaped fougasse using a pane francese recipe from Ciril Hitz.



And something fun for my Game of Thrones dinner party.  Asiago Stark Bread served with a big bowl of salt!

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David Esq.

Never watched the show, but that bread is cool.

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Lovely fougasse and beautiful Stark wolf! You'd give Hot Pie some serious competition!

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Are you taking requests? How about a fougasse Iron Throne?!?! ;-)

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And just in time for tonight's fish chowder, so here's my fish fougasse, with thanks to orang3 for the inspiration.

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LOL!. I love it.

@ Cellarvie: Great looking fish, but what will you do next time you have beef stew for dinner? ;)