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Anoher reason to avoid bad

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Anoher reason to avoid bad

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I think that depends on your definition of "bad". The other month, I went to a very nice restaurant - nice setting, attentive friendly waitstaff, good cocktails, and of course, delicious food. But they were serving pickles as the complimentary nibble rather than bread.

Fortunately, our melty cheese appetizer was still served with bread, though, with a refill when needed.

The saddest part about this trend, though, is that I suspect that the restaurants serving the nicest bread are the ones most likely to pull it.

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No bread, no business!

I think it's time to open a "joint" that posts on a big sign up front, "None of you'se with trendy diseases can be served in this establishment cause we don't want our dear and regular patrons exposed to it" signed Guido.

Reminds me of the farmhouse restaurant in Langley, Virginia which served fresh warm dark rye bread with bread and butter pickle slices as an appetizer...,


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I would add "None of you'se with fake, self inflicted, trendy diseases......... There was a nice steak joint here inn Phoenix the serves the best rye, pumpernickel, whole wheat and  white SD mini breads, made at Wild Flours, before the main course with the salads.  They were warm, served with room temperature butter and terrific.  They don't anymore.  I'm guessing it must be that half of their customers died while eating it and they couldn't afford to lose any more of them -  we were lucky to escape with our lives :-)

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David Esq.

It is costly to provide and does fill the customer up so they might skip the pricey appetizer. 

On the other hand, if it is great bread it may be the catalyst that keeps people coming. 

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I've had this gnawing suspicion that restaurant proprietor's use gluten intolerance as their "tagline" rationale to limit or even eliminate bread service and find it borders on the shameful side of public conduct. I believe it to be more involved with an Excel spreadsheet than a caring attitude toward the individual patron...,

But then again, the quality of the restaurant experience is now relegated to one of serving the corporate experience master...,

Que sais-je?


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There is a restaurant I visit occasionally (it's pricey) which is as close to being a Michelin star restaurant as it can be without having one.  The food is fantastic, the menu very appetising and believe it or not, the side rolls are one of the main attractions.  We eagerly look forward to the basket of handmade rolls being offered which typically include grained rolls, pesto rolls and a firm favourite, black pudding rolls.  It would be a shame, nay a minor disaster, if they ceased this little perk !

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Mini Oven

"Would you like bread with your appetiser?"   

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I always LOVE having a bread basket before the main meal.

Usually with some butter. YUMMY

It has to be good bread though.