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Magic Mill question

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John H

Magic Mill question

I'm contemplating looking for a Magic Mill DLX - though I'm not sure a brand spanking new one is in the budget.  There generally seems to be one or 2 on ebay every couple of weeks - but I'm a bit confused about the models and ages.  It looks like the 9000 model predates the DLX 2000 , true?   I've seen a DLX 2000 and a DLX 2000 / N24.  Whats the difference, if any between a DLX2000 and a DLX2000/N24?

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I think the Nxx is the model number while Magic Mill is a brand name. There have been multiple US distributors and each apparently has added its own brand. The current Ankarsrum is N30. My Assistent is N28. Take a look at Amazon's reviews for the Magic Mill 2000 N24. I'm pretty sure that any undamaged machine you buy will be satisfactory. I know that I'm just pleased as punch with my N28 by whatever name it's called.