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70% wholewheat with BLACK BEANS

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70% wholewheat with BLACK BEANS

Having incorporated Quinoa into bread baking, this week I incorporated some left over from making black bean soy milk into bread. it gives a distinct taste of black beans, not as strong as its boiled n drain, but it is subtle enough for you to taste it. 

So before we move on to bread thats what i did with the black beans. I soaked it overnight, added equal parts of water to the soak beans and blend it with a handheld mixer. Drain it and repeat the process 3 times. You will have black soy milk and pulps. 

I toasted the pulps in a pan till its thoroughly dried when touched (this can be refrigerated for a week or two), this is the black okara I used in bread. 

70% Whole Wheat Black Beans Levain
Main recipe
WeightIngredientBaker's %
380.00Wheat flour, whole-grain, soft wheat69.09%
170.00Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached30.91%
10.00Salt, table1.82%
450.00Water, tap, drinking81.82%
1,080.00Sub total196.36%
WeightIngredientBaker's %
30.00Wheat flour, whole-grain, soft wheat5.45%
20.00Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached3.64%
50.00Water, tap, drinking9.09%
100.00Sub total18.18%
WeightIngredientBaker's %
350.00Wheat flour, whole-grain, soft wheat63.64%
150.00Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached27.27%
380.00Water, tap, drinking69.09%
880.00Sub total160.00%
Final stage
WeightIngredientBaker's %
70.00Black Bean Okara12.73%
10.00Salt, table1.82%
20.00Water, tap, drinking3.64%
100.00 18.18%
880.00 160.00%
1,080.00Sub total196.36%

Levain: 5g (White and WW Half and Half) : 50g Flour (30WW + 20White) : 50g Yeast water (12 hours, young sweet levain) I usually taste a little of dough before I incorporate it, as my family n frd aint too keen on sour.

Autolyse: Mixed all the ingredient from autolyse till no dry bits left and autolyse for an hour in room temp. 

Add levain and follow with 2 S&F at 30 mins interval

Add ingredient from final stage, squeeze in the okara and salt and follow with another 3-4 sets of S&F (I did on proper S&F on counter the rest is just in container S&F)

Total Bulk Fermentation is around 4 hours its roughly 30% increase in volume. Gently Ease it out of the container, divide and pre-shape.

Cold retard for 8 - 9 hours (only one dutch so the other need to wait)

I baked it at 240C covered for 30min, uncovered for 25min

It sang for a long time with nice cracks~~ What a pretty



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Whole wheat & black bean bread has got on the bake list,  Love the crust and crumb of this one. Well done and

Happy baking

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Thanks Dab!!

I like this one too. It would be better if i up the hydration by a bit.


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Great job!  I will have to try this one in he near future.  I made a bean bread but not in this way so I'm curious to see what it will taste like.


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Give this a go, im sure u wouldnt be disappointed. but make sure u up the hydration by a few %