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Plötziade - Pain Au Levain

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Plötziade - Pain Au Levain

After reading a post by Ian writing about building a bread that calls our own, this idea strikes me and I decided I am up for this challenge. The only requirement for the challenge is following the ingridient listed in his blog 450 g (90%) 550 wheat flour 50 g (10%) rye flour 10 g (2%), salt Yeast and / or yeast Water


This is my second attempt at this bread, last week I haven’t had much luck and ended up with a over-proofed bread. This week I have a little tweak at proof schedule and so forth, and finally with something decent. Enough being said, heres the formula I used


Total Weight879      
Weight per Serving439.5      
Total Flour 500     
Total Water 379     
Total Hydration 75.80%     
Multi-grain % 10.00%     
 Build 1Build 2Build 3SoakerFinal DoughAdd-InTotal
White Starter (100%)10     10
Wholewheat Starter      0
Rye Starter      0
Yeast Water Levain (100%)      0
Extra-High Protein Flour (>14%)      0
Bread Flour40   405 445
AP Flour      0
Wholemeal Flour       
Wholewheat Flour      0
Rye Flour    50 50
Water 40   334 374
Milk      0
Raisin Soaker Water      0
Yeast Water      0
Others      0
Yeast      0
Salt    10 10
Wheat Germ      0
ADD-IN      0
Sesame (1 Cup)      0
Final Dough Water Temp (85F) Dough Temp (79F)      
Autolyse all ingridient (except Salt and 14G of water)40Mins      
Add salt mix well with a few stretch and Fold       
S&F 6 times (@ 30 Mins interval)       
Total Bulk Fermentation @ 24C 6Hours     
Overnight Retard Proof (in Fridge) 5 Hours     
Bake - Cover30      
Bake -Uncover25      
Finished Loaf registered 212F       

I store my starter in the fridge my weekly bake, so I refresh it 2 times before I build my levain. On my baking day, feed it at 10:40:40 Starter:Flour:Water left it in room temperature before I ran off to work, came home it has double in size with sweet aroma with a slightly sour tang (Eating and tasting from the raw starter gives me the best approximation on how my bread would be, and luckily Im still alive after so many starter tasting).


I dissolved the starter in 320G of warm water mixed it with flour till its fully hydrated. It would looks like a batter instead of bread dough, It will come together eventually.



Autolysed it for 40mins you can see the gluten is starting to form, then added salt and remaining 13g of water, mixed it using pincer method. I gave it 6 in-bowl stretch and fold every 30 mins, total bulk fermentation would be 6hours at room temp (22c). It had grown a bit around 30%, it felt light and well aerated.


Gently eased it out of the container, by flouring the side and nudged it with a rubber spatula, It should come out very nicely.



Pre-shaped it into a rectangle, let it rest for 30mins. Then shaped it into a boule and put it in a banneton with the seams down ( I was gonna let it bloom naturally, then I realized I shaped it fairly tight).


Proof in the fridge for 6 hours, I let it warm up at room temperature for an hour, while my “dutch oven” is heating up. Inverted the dough on parchment paper and scored.


Baked covered at 240C (the max that my oven would go) for 30 Mins, then uncover fro 25 mins. It registered over 210F internal temperature.



It sang for quite a while when its out of the oven, with nice crackie noise that we all love. It has nice open crumb, fantastic aroma, sweet and crunchy crust with chewy crumb, it’s a everyday bread that hope you all enjoy.



its Spring time, these are some flowers found near my apartment. I am still very new to photo shooting, any comments on my photos are very welcome!!




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for the Olympics!  That crumb is especially nice. Love the bold bake on the crust too.  Has to be tasty.  Well done and Happy Baking CeciC

The flowers are gorgeous!

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Thanks you for your kind words. I love flowers a lot, now is the perfect time for flower shooting here in hong kong, after a long winter things are now back on track. ^^

I think this bread is the best bake so far, its gorgeous.

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to be proud of.  Amazing Crumb Structure.  This one's a Keeper

Very Nice Baking


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Thanks Josh!!

Im glad that you like it.

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I can only imagine it tastes as good as it looks.  I also admire the sharp photos. Macro setting for the bread slices? A lovely work of nature, like the flowers.

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Hi Flour-power,

I have used Macro setting for the bread slice, i wanna focus on the shining reflection on crumbs and the big big holes. 

Im glad you like the pic, this is my second time of flower pic taking. There are still lots to learn.


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Great job!  Your crust and crumb are spot on and this one must have tasted great.  I'm glad you joined the fun.

Your photos of the flowers look beautiful.  We don't have too many flowers yet...hopefully soon, but I have to finish my Spring cleaning outside...I'm tired just thinking about it :).

Happy Baking.

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Hi Ian

Yours are the inspiration to this lovely loaf, it taste really good and my friends love the chew of it and a slight sour tang is a plus. Thank you very much for posting your submission here I would have missed out on all the fun.

You guys are still having snow in some areas right? I guess the frozen time will be finished in no times, the great land will be replaced by true blossom. What is the Spring cleaning? 

Happy baking too


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I'm glad my post inspired you.

We are finally done with the snow here on Long Island, NY and it's finally starting to get a little warmer.  I live in a house and while we don't have a huge piece of property it's big enough to have to clean out all of the flower beds of the leaves and other debris that accumulates over the winter so the spring flowers have room to grow.  I also enjoy taking photos of my flower gardens and have posted them in some of my previous bread posts.  We usually don't start seeing a lot of the flowers until June here but we will have some in May.

Here's a couple from last year.


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OMG!!! your flowers are really beautiful. Fantastic shots.

I really love both of them. You gotta take a few more this year, they are such a beauty!!

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Good job!

Don't forget to submit it to Plötzblog. I'm really curious to see all the different breads, so far we native English speakers ;) are doing quite well, compared with the competition.



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Hi Karin,

Thanks very much for reminding me. I almost forgot to submit @@. 

Where do you find the bread submitted by the others? I cant see it anywhere in that post



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Lutz hasn't made a round-up, yet, since the event goes until April 17, but a lot of people put links to their submissions in the comments to the Plötziade post.

I emailed my contribution to Lutz via the Kontaktformular (Link in the post) and, also, wrote a comment with the link to my blog post.


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I gotta check on it tonight to see how others are doing. 

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Song Of The Baker

Great bread CeciC.  Looks like one that I would love having a few slices of bacon, tomato and lettuce in between :)

Perfect crumb.


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Hi John,

I proud to receive a complement from a great baker like yourself. Ive always been using your bread as my benchmark, which motivates me to do better. 

I had it with roasted bell peper, its really really nice too. the problem I have is the juice was everywhere on my desk, I shouldnt complaint as this has always been my goal


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You have given me something to aspire to, its simply spectacular, thank you!

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Thank you for your nice words Bob.

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Just saw your comment in Plötzblog, Cecilia.

The easiest way is not the cumbersome contact form, but sending Lutz an email. Since TFL scrambles the address, I will write the @ sign as [at]


Have a nice weekend,Karin