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Bosch Universal attachments for milling at home

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Bosch Universal attachments for milling at home

I've recently seen the videos and ads for the L'Equip flour sifter for the Bosch Universal Plus.  It looks nice.  I know some folks here have a lot of experience with home milling and sifting so I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this attachment.  Specifically, would sifted hard red/white whole wheat flour similar to commercial bread flour or what could it be compared to?  What would sifted whole grain rye by compared to?

There is also a flaker attachment for the Bosch.  I believe it is the Family Grain Mill flaker head.  Does this adequately flake grains?  Does the end result look similary to commercial flaked grain or just a bit flattened?  Will it work for wheat and rye?  Is this attachment as good as a stand-alone flaker machine?

I use a Country Living Mill with electric motor for milling.  While I do not buy commercial flour often, I still by some.  I have also purchased flaked grains.  If I can make these at home in addition to my whole grain flour I would be happier.

While I'm asking questions... My mill can produce cracked grains to fine flour.  But chopped rye?  That's supposed to be different from cracked rye. Any suggestions?

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While I don't have first hand knowledge of either of these attachments, I have looked into both of them and a. Still considering purchasing both.  I've talked to people who have them, and here's my findings.   Hope it helps.  

If you hand sift your flour often, then you'd like the sifter.  It won't recreate store bought white flour, but it does take out the bran and makes a softer flour that I use for certain cookies and other "white" things.  You can get the same effect by hand sifting with a miss mesh screen, so if you have one of those, you can give it a try without the attachment to see how you like the sifted flour.  The attachment is mainly a matter of convenience and quanitty, as far as I can tell.

Regarding, the flaker...  I hear it is awesome. it produces a thicker rolled oat.  I hear they taste great, but that you have to cook them.  I mainly use rolled oats for granola, so I'm trying to figure out if the freshly rolled oats will be good in the baked granola.  That being said, I have 25 lbs of oat groats waiting for a roller.

if you invest in eithere of these attachments, I'd love to hear your experience.   Happy shopping!