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Sesame Semolina Bread

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Sesame Semolina Bread

Adapted from Advanced Bread and Pastry by Michael Suas.

The original shapes as 1 pound batards and cuts through the center in this book, others shape as baguettes and roll up the ends to meet in the center. I'm using it for panini, so I went with something a bit more rustic. The autolyse of the durum and semolina was not in the original, but I've read those flours benefit from a long autolyse, so I went with 45 min and 200 g of the remaining 277 g water. At the beginning I realized my starter was very ripe and decided to mix it with the remaining white flour and 77 g water.  Otherwise it was pretty much just as described. The final proof was done at 70 F, not 80, but 2 hours still seemed fine, maybe because of the early mixing of levain and flour. (Oh, the original used 5% rye not WW in the levain.)

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One of my favorite breads to make. That is one nice looking loaf you made there.