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Verona Question

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Verona Question

I have a Verona Electrolux and a while back I tried to make cookie dough.  It broke the gears on the whip attachment.  I ordered new ones  and replaced them.  Im scared to try it again,  Do any of you use the Lux as a regular mixer or do you only use it for bread?  Also, is it likely the new gears are stronger then the last set?  Thanks!

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I use it for everything. I usually just use the roller and scraper though. I've use it twice in the last week for cheesecake. I've made chocolate chip cookies. My daughter made almond butter cookies with coconut in the Ankarsrum, and I use it for cakes all the time. I rarely use the plastic bowl and whips anymore. 

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If you are making cookies then use the roller and scraper. I use the beaters for batters like cake and the whips for buttercreams. Cookie dough is to stiff for the beater/whip attachments.