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Sylvia's Irish Soda Bread

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Sylvia's Irish Soda Bread


I haven't posted recently and would like to wish everyone a very "Happy St. Patrick's Day"!  

Family has kept me busy lately and in a few days my youngest grandson is having some very extensive corrective overbite surgery done.  It's going to be a long recovery.  He's taking it very well and wants to have it done.

To keep things on a cheerier note.  A little St. Pat's Day feast.  Along with the traditional dinner of Corn beef with all the trimmings.  

I make this soda bread a lot.  Everyone loves it and you will find it here on my blog along with some other versions. 


Just out of the oven and warm sliced with some Kerry Gold butter.


A family tradition now for 4 generations no that would be 5.  My 22 yr. old grand daughter loves to bake.




And a little added note of fun for today!  I haven't quite been together the past few days with worry.  Can't believe I did this..but here it is.


Too late now...guess you missed it : )


Watch out for the Leprechauns!  They can be real pranksters.


Have a great green day!





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My Daughter's boyfriend had the same facial reconstruction surgery done, that included overbite correction - no worries.  he looks great, if you like tall, dark and handsome types  and claims it really changed his life so much for he better!  Made him want to be a dentist and possible oral surgeon later.   He is currently in dental school because of of his own personal experiences. 

Your soda bread looks great and with the extra butter melting on the bread - it has to be tasty. 

Those pesky Leprechauns have no fear of toilet it seems - never seen one clean one though:-)

Happy SPD baking Sylvia


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Thank you for the positive comments! 

My grandson has such an inquisitive and scientific nature.  He actually watched the surgery online.

St. Pat's day was a great excuse to pour the buttermilk and make a tasty soda bread.

That was a pretty big clean on shot, ok : )





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That's a great looking soda bread Sylvia!  Hope you had a great St. Paddies day and I wish your grandson all the best on his surgery.

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For the nice comment and the good wishes too!  

I hope you also had a great day!