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Tartine country bread- first try

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Tartine country bread- first try

Hi All,

I'm enjoying this site! Here's my first try at Tartine country bread...

tartine bread |

tartine bread crumb |

thanks for looking! Marie



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Julie McLeod

Absolutely gorgeous!  Congrats....

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Tartine isn't the easiest bread to make, but you've done a superb job!  Beautiful loaves, excellent spring, great crumb.  I'd hate for you to see my first try.

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Thanks, Julie and kygin!

I've been making all sorts of pizza dough for a long time now so I've been exposed to handling some wet doughs - the shaping and steaming is all new to me. All in all, I think the pizza dough background is somewhat helpful, a kind of a small head start I guess. 

I'm sure there's lots more to learn. It sure is addictive!


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Absolutely stellar. 



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Well Done!

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Great Bake, nice and bold, good crumb and oven spring.

High Marks.



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Beautiful bread/photography

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Those look fantastic.  Love your photography as well.  That's a beautiful table to use to display your bread. For your first time this looks more like your 100th loaf!

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David Esq.

I am sure they tasted as good as they look. Now try making pizza from the dough after dividing it and tell us if you've made better pizza!

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Song Of The Baker

Very well done!  Just about the perfect result from the not so easy Tartine Country Loaf formula.


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Thanks for all your kind words! I think part of my success had to do with a very mature starter that was well fed (was feeding it 2 times daily). I couldn't keep that up, so I eventually refrigerated it but can't help thinking that it lost some of its potency. I am refreshing it a couple of days before needed since I don't bake often enough to justify otherwise.