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Sour Rye sprayed with water 4 times

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Sour Rye sprayed with water 4 times

I made the sour rye today following David's post and spraying the loaves with water instead of the corn starch glaze as suggested by arlo and PMcCool. I sprayed the loaves well with water just before putting them into the oven and again after 15 min. and again after 10 min. and again after the temperature of the loaf was 205 degrees. I turned off the oven and let the loaves sit for 5 min. with the oven door ajar. 

The crust is very firm, there is a nice shine and I'm pleased. 

I used first clear flour from KAF and rye I ground. Unfortunately the loaves burst on one side.

 I haven't cut the loaves yet.


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a huge poile of some kind of smoked meat on it.  Looks great and can't wait to see the crumb.

Happy baking

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weavershouse (not verified)

Thanks dabrownman,

I could enjoy this bread with one of your beautiful lunches. Thanks for the kind words.


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The bursting is so common that I no longer regard it as "unfortunate." However, I haven't had bursting with the higher temperature baking and use of high-gluten flour. A longer proof helps too, as you might expect.

Waiting with dbm for crumb photo and, most important, tasting notes. I hope you enjoy it!


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weavershouse (not verified)

Here is a poor shot of the crumb. I can't get good photos of the crumb, don't know why.

I cut into the bread late last night and my husband and I enjoyed it but when I cut slices this morning we loved it. I guess rye does have to settle to get its full flavor. There is more rye flavor from using whole rye. I can't explain the first clear flour taste but I always like rye bread better when I use it. The caraway is just about right.

The crust is chewy but not tough. The crumb is moist and somehow a tiny bit sweet but I don't know where that would come from seeing as there is no sweetener added.

David, I think your loaves have a very nice sheen and color from using the cornstarch glaze but I think I will continue to paint the loaves with water just before putting them in the oven. Lazy me. Mine do have a shine but not as nice as yours. Thanks for posting your sour rye and for your kind words.