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PVM Again

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PVM Again

Another batch of Pane Maggiore. This time with no intention I made another change. i built the levains (1/2 rye sour stiff/1/2 white wheat liquid) and got exhausted by mix time so i retarded them to finish the following day. I decreased my total pre fermented flour in the recipe to about 15% as this dough gets very active and this would give the time for folds in accordance with ferment times. 1 hour autolyse followed by a soft finished mix. Then three sets of folds at 50 minute intervals and divided at the 3 hour mark. Unfortunately the dough got a bit too strong this go which made for a tougher shape and finer crumb. My mind makes me think this could be due to the retarding of the levains and bringing more acidity to the dough than regular. So i could have gotten away with just 2 folds @ 1 hour marks.  All this followed by about 10 hours in the fridge before a late nite bake.  PVM seems to be good no matter the variations as long as the central theme stays intact.


Happy Baking All




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Josh:  Congratulations.  It's nice when things work out when we make unintended changes.  I never made Pane Maggiore are inspiring me to try.  Great baking.  Phyllis

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Awesome scoring, and really great crumb. Probably so good tasting as well! Great job brother.

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I'm thinking this must have been fairly tangy bread. 

I'm looking forward to my next bake of this bread, but I have a bit of bread consumption to do before I can justify more production.


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Yes, great scoring Josh.  Very attractive.  


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Stunning crumb, Josh!  This one just went on my to do list. 


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very Attractive scoring as usual, Josh. Two starters seems to be the way to go in pain au levain style breads. You're doing such a great job with all those variations.


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Nothing like a long cold retard to bring out the flavor.    It makes for some easier scoring when the dough is cold too but your scoring is past first rate.  For the longest time I was over developing the dough and over proofing it too.  Now 5 -6 minutes of slap and folds and 3 sets of S& F's, 12 stretches in all, and that is enough unless the dough is really wet or the too much low gluten flour:-)  It is amazing how much the gluten developers on its own over time - even in the fridge.  Another nice PVM variation - well done and

Happy Baking

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Song Of The Baker

Nice bake Josh.  I like your adventurous scoring.  Crumb looks nice to me...of course it's creator will always be it's toughest critic.

Thanks for the post :)


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The PVM was great as usual.  A little more sour and a bit tighter of a crumb than last but delish none the less.