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Farmer's Market Week 25 and a Few Other Things

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Farmer's Market Week 25 and a Few Other Things

Hiatus goes well but I did a small bake so i can gift a few loaves to my farmer friends this week.  Many moons ago I found a recipe for a "Poilane" styled loaf that sounded good and fiddled with it at work.  Do to limitations at work adjustments were made and an approved bread resulted.  We call it our "Whole Wheat Sour".  VWG and commercial yeast are among quite a few changes to make this bread come about. It's 50% whole grain (29WW/11Rye/10Spelt) and rolled in poppy seeds.  It's actually a nice sandwich bread with a finer crumb.  It's soft and even with the added yeast the true Whole Wheat Levain gives this loaf great keeping quality.  

I decided to make a rendition of this flour blend but without the added VWG or commercial yeast and with added hydration.  After all the talk on Pane Maggiore this is actually quite similar with a 10% increase in whole grains, a small increase in Whole Wheat, and the addition of Whole Spelt, while reducing the Rye a touch.  Okay quite a few changes but it is quite similar in its eating quality with one major difference.  It's much less sour and has a pleasant sweetness instead.  I'll add some photos of the loaf I make at work as well.  Also I'll include a shot of the Country Sour I made this week using a stiff 100% Wheat Levain which produced another excellent loaf.  

Now for the Whole Wheat Sour i make at work.  Maybe a touch underproofed. Crumbs usually a bit more open. 


And finally for the Country Sour (20% Wheat, 2 % Rye)


Happy Baking All



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Those all look great Josh.  Great scoring as well.


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They are all very attractive, Josh! Lovely foliage scoring on the batard. 


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Your country sour got such a spring it looks like its gonna burst open!! Fantastic bake josh!! the scoring on poppy seed one is fantastic.

when u proof a dough with roll on seeds do we still need to flour our Benetton ?

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Our bowls are "seasoned" so to speak meaning they have floured so often that even when clean they have a light coating.  Generally if I roll tops in seeds I don't flour the bowl or the flour finds a way to weasle its way between the seeds and cake up.  As long as its well seeded I haven't had any trouble with sticking.  

Yes the country sour was a first go and the stiff pre ferment brought some serious life to the 90% hydration dough.  I will be making that loaf again.  It was quite excellent.  

Thanks for the kind words



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Whats the different between a stiff levain and liquid levain? Do they behave differently?

OMG 90% hydration. How do u manage to shape that runny thing?

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a stiff starter has more flour than water. Typically around the 60% hydration. A liquid levain is 100% or higher hydration. Typically between a 100-125% hydration. 

differences hmmm. I'm sure there are more but what I know. 

A stiff levain favors acetic acid production more than labs and slows yeast production. the acidic nature helps strengthen gluten. A different flavor profile. 

Liquid levain favors to lab production and faster yeast productivity. Brings more extensibility to a dough as protease enjoys a wet environment. 

As to flavor 

labs think yogurt twang/buttery notes which can be cobtrolled mild or assertive pending your desires. 

Acetic think lemon/vinegar. Some bite tovthe flavor. 

Balance among them are what we constantly strive for even if we don't know it. 

Experiment. Make two of same doughs side by side. One with a liquid anod the other stiff (being sure to adjust to keep all % the same). Be sure to smell the starters as they ripen. Next up use both in same dough. 

Happy baking


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A very good Idea Josh!!! 

This gonna be my new assignment this week, I should pick one formula that im most comfortable with n start from there. I think I should bake 3 loafs instead using one liquid, one stiff and one combined starter. 

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for everyone!   Great to look at inside and out. and they all have to taste great.  Well done and

Happy baking Josh

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Thanks to all for the nice words.  

Happy Baking and Weekends to All



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Lovely loaves, scoring and I bet the taste is fantastic. One more thing to try is using more WW. I have stayed away from it as my husband doesn't like WW , but since I have been trying the Kamut he is liking the wheaty taste. Then I added more WW for the maggiore and he really liked that one. Glad you posted such nice bakes. c

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They all look delicious, but the poppy seed coating sure is visually striking!

I baked your version of Pane Maggiore this afternoon. I can hardly wait to slice it!


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Once again your loaves look excellent. I haven't had much baking or browsing time lately and need to catch up. After another week skiing in BC my starter is looking happy after the last feed, but I baked so much for the trip, I am still eating leftovers . . .