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Rye humor

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Rye humor

I'm wiped out tonight. Had a great weekend taking the kids camping for the first time, rafting down the Sandy River, and generally enjoying summertime.

Nevertheless, I baked. Well? No, not at all. I made a mess of most everything I touched, but they still tasted quite good.

(Perhaps that could be a a new motto for the site: "Artisan Baking: Because even your mistakes are tasty!")

I tried a bunch of recipes from Daniel Leader's soon-to-be-released book Local Breads: Sourdough and Whole-Grain Recipes from Europe's Best Artisan Bakers. As I said, I screwed them all up, but that isn't the books fault, that was me thinking "Oh, I can make it down the river in time to not overproof the loaves." I was wrong. I also mixed up my whole wheat starter and my rye starter, so my final rye and whole wheat breads ended up tasting quite a bit like one another.

Picture time.

french breadsSimple French Bread Loaves

rye breadsPolish Rye Bread

rye bread insideInside the Rye (with Caraway)

I'll write up a real review in the next few days, but I definitely think the Daniel Leader book is a winner. Solid recipes, nice design and typography, very accessible. Definitely a good one, and going to give Peter Reinhart's new book a run for bakers interested in whole grain baking's money this fall.

I also baked an Orange Honey Prune bread from Beth Hensberger's The Bread Bible. Convenient since, as zainaba22 pointed out, the theme of this month's bread baking day is bread with fruit.

prune bread

Very good stuff. I'll post the recipe in the next couple of days.


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Wow- Your "failures" are gorgeous!!  The rye looks especially nice.  Did you use a banneton for final shaping? 

I am now intrigued about Leder's new book.  I may have to buy that and the Reinhart book when it becomes available.

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I used a colander lined with a floured tea towel.

The rye bread is really good. Four days since I baked it and, if anything, it has gotten better. I'll try to post the recipe along with a review of the Leader book soon.

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Do polish ryes always come out so round, it looks great, someday mine will look so good.

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Floyd, those are beautiful loaves of bread!  And you did all that whilst taking care of children, camping and rafting!  WoW!  I'm impressed.  Those photos are causing serious mouth watering.


Thanks for the recommendation on the new book.  I'm going to place a preorder based on it.


PS...Can't wait to hear more about the recipes.